Both bet365 and LeoVegas Win at the 2020 SBC Awards

Both bet365 and LeoVegas Win at the 2020 SBC Awards ( Click to Enlarge )

The 2020 Sports Betting Community Awards have come and gone, and over 40 winners were announced. While lots of wins happened in a variety of areas, the big news is LeoVegas’ and bet365’s wins. This is because they were able to take awards down in somewhat surprising areas.

The SBC Awards 2020 Create Memorable Surprises

The overlap between the different sectors of the online gambling industry can be really interesting. When you combine that with the fact that we have a handful of important awards ceremonies, that just makes it even more complicated and intricate. This is something we saw recently with the 2020 edition of the Sports Betting Community Awards.

The SBCs are typically sports betting-focused, but they also award prizes in other genres.

As a result, a lot of people look to see who pick up the casino-related awards. In this year’s edition of the SBCs, a couple of interesting picks came along in these areas. We’ll look at what those picks were, why they’re interesting and how they will affect players.

bet365 Wins Sportsbook of the Year

Consistency is a pretty big deal, and players can tell you that bet365 is consistent. They’ve had one of the best online casinos around for a long time. On top of that, they also have a wide range of other types of content.

The centerpiece of the whole operation is their sportsbook, however. It’s no surprise that they received the Sportsbook of the Year award here because of how good their offering is overall with casino, bingo, poker and sports.

What is perhaps surprising to some is just how many times they’ve won it. This was the seventh time in a row they have won Sportsbook of the Year at the Sports Betting Community Awards. Two or three times would have been enough to be impressive. However, this is the seventh time, and what’s more than that is that it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down.

It’s really hard to see any online sportsbook that can catch them at this point. With that said, we’ll have to see what goes on because crazier things have happened.

LeoVegas Wins Casino of the Year

In related news, LeoVegas was able to take down the Casino of the Year award. It’s pretty obvious that this is a big deal, but we can definitely say that they deserve it. This casino offers a tremendous game selection, and we’ve seen them add new providers this year while expanding into other jurisdictions to get their portfolio in front of a wider range of players.

It’s also worth noting that LeoVegas is on a bit of a streak themselves. This is the third time in a row that they have won Casino of the Year at this ceremony. As we said above, consistency is a big deal, and they’re definitely showing it here.

The Importance of These Awards

The industry as a whole is a bit disjointed because of the lack of international guidelines. As a result, certain aspects of the online casino and larger online gambling industry have to be self-policed. One way that this happens is through the use of award ceremonies like the SBCs.

The whole idea is to make sure that companies that are doing well are rewarded for doing so. This doesn’t just mean doing well financially but also offering a good product, innovating and taking care of their players, which are things you don’t necessarily see self-regulated in other industries on the same level.

This puts the entire industry and the companies in it in a position to want to perform well. An upward pressure is created from this increased level of competition, and the players are ultimately the ones who benefit.

Want to Play at the SBC Casino of the Year?

If LeoVegas sounds like a good place to check out, you aren’t wrong. They have a large game selection from several of the most popular providers in the industry. Additionally, their platform can be used equally on mobile or desktop. Add that to a ton of payment options and a reputation for really taking care of their players and being reliable, and it’s pretty obvious that they’re a solid option for virtually anyone.