Chance Interactive Becomes ReelPlay With LeoVegas Exclusive Slot Title Coming Soon

Chance Interactive Becomes ReelPlay With LeoVegas Exclusive Slot Title Coming Soon ( Click to Enlarge )

The latest news from Chance Interactive is that they have changed their name to ReelPlay as a part of a complete branding overhaul. Their first release under the ReelPlay name will be exclusive to LeoVegas Casino for a period of time with a number of ways to win up in the six-figure range on each spin.

ReelPlay the New Name for Chance Interactive

Sometimes online casinos or casino software companies will decide that they need to manage their branding by changing their name. This doesn’t happen incredibly often, so when it does happen, it’s usually for a pretty good reason.

Along these lines, Chance Interactive has decided to change their name to ReelPlay as a part of a complete and total brand overhaul.

This is clearly a pretty big move and is something that will get them a lot of attention because it’s not the sort of thing that we see happen all the time. However, they aren’t slowing down at all with the new releases, and we can see that in their relationship with LeoVegas Casino.

LeoVegas and ReelPlay

Fairly recently, LeoVegas Casino received the Buster Hammer Carnival slot from then-Chance Interactive as an exclusive release for a while before it was available to other operators. This is a game that got great reviews from players for having solid gameplay and impressive graphics along with a really fun theme and concept.

The next release from ReelPlay, which will be their first after the rebranding, will also go to LeoVegas, which is important because it shows the type of relationship that they have in the general sense. With that having been said, the details on the upcoming release show that they are serious about starting off on the right foot with their next game and showing that their switch to the new name isn’t going to slow them down at all.

Over 100,000 Ways to Win

The name of the new and upcoming slot from ReelPlay has not been announced yet. However, two things have been released about this game:

  1. It will exclusively be available at LeoVegas for some period of time, much like the case with Buster Hammer Carnival.
  2. It will have 117,000 ways to win on each spin.

Having this title be an exclusive release with one of the top online casinos in the entire world definitely is not going to hurt them when it comes to getting attention for this game, and it just goes to show that they know how to make sure they get eyes on what they release in a variety of ways.

Pushing Outside of the Box

One of the interesting things about the online slot world and the fans of the games in it centers around how far outside of the box a game can get before it gets universally rejected by virtually all players. For some reason, some titles that go way out of the box get a lot of attention, but others that go too far get almost completely ignored.

When it comes to the number of paylines or ways to win that a game can have, there’s a lot of room for tons of ways to get paid. That’s something that we’ve seen as an overall pattern from lots of previous releases, and it’s something that has held for more than a decade.

In short, we do not expect this game to get rejected at all over the situation with the numerous paylines.

ReelPlay Moving Forward

Despite the name change, we completely expect ReelPlay to move forward and to continue bringing the same high-quality level of content as they were bringing under the previous name of Chance Interactive. There’s no indication at all that players will really notice much of a difference in game quality or even their release schedule, so the only thing that’s going to change from the player perspective is the name that shows up in the opening credits for their slots.