LeoVegas Casino Adds Bingo Vertical for Late 2020

LeoVegas Casino Adds Bingo Vertical for Late 2020 ( Click to Enlarge )

LeoVegas Casino has shown once again that they are committed to giving players a diverse selection of ways to get in on the action. They’ve done it this time with an entirely new section of their site dedicated to bingo games with a full roll-out coming over the next few months.

Bingo Hits LeoVegas Casino

With a major brand in the online casino industry, they have to understand that different types of players prefer different types of games to get to that position. Moreover, they know that expanding to give more players what they want, especially players who prefer multiple types of games, is a critical part of maintaining their position as the industry grows and changes over time.

This is why it’s not incredibly surprising that LeoVegas, one of the biggest online casino brands out there today, has announced their addition of bingo games with its own separate section.

This level of game diversity is a part of their overall strategy to cultivate a diverse base of players and to give them plenty of depth on the types of experiences they like to have. It also puts players in a position where they won’t have to pick and choose so much to play at other sites because of a lack of bingo with their online offering.

Why Choose Bingo?

Along with their announcement that they are adding bingo games to their portfolio, they wanted to make sure that people knew what their intentions were and why they were moving in this direction. This included a handful of key statistics that are central to the decision:

  • Around 23 percent of the bingo market on a global level happens online, and more and more of it has been happening online in the past few years, which shows a huge opportunity for growth in the online sector.
  • This offers players a more well-rounded selection in addition to their sports betting and live dealer game selections that they already have established.
  • Bingo is one of the most social ways to gamble online, and it has a culture that brings people together in a way that other games tend to not.

With the above, it’s clear that this was not an impulsive decision. They haven’t released a lot of details just yet, but that is expected to come in the next few weeks or months, and we’re sure that they’ll give players a great experience because they have historically shown that they are committed to giving players quality games to enjoy.

The Social Depth of Bingo

Within any genre or sub-genre in the online casino world, you’ll find different kinds of games that appeal to different kinds of people. Bingo is a little different in that most of the games are similar enough that a higher portion of the player base jumps around to the different options more than what you see in something like the casino space, for example.

One of the reasons this is important is that bingo is inherently a very social game, and the chat functions and ways to meet new people and make friends online are a key part of the overall experience. When players jump around to the titles within a genre more, this social factor becomes even more prevalent and even more of a critical part of the overall scene.

What to Expect From LeoVegas’ Bingo Offering

There are a handful of popular bingo games that get the most attention, and those games include certain variations of 75-ball and 90-ball games. These are the most popular overall, but we still see games like speed bingo with its 30-ball gameplay and 80-ball titles get some traction as well just depending on what the player base is like.

As a result, we think it’s safe to say that LeoVegas will bring the 75-ball and 90-ball games as soon as possible, but we aren’t so sure on the other titles just yet. Things will become more clear inside of the next couple of months on that particular point.


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