LeoVegas Signs BlueRibbon Deal to Offer Exclusive Jackpots

LeoVegas Signs BlueRibbon Deal to Offer Exclusive Jackpots ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal has been signed between LeoVegas and BlueRibbon that will give players more ways to get paid on a variety of titles through the latter’s engagement software platform. This is another big step toward LeoVegas taking over even a larger portion of the market than they already have by differentiating themselves with something that the competition isn’t doing.

Deal Signed Between LeoVegas and BlueRibbon

Most of the time, when we see a deal signed in the online casino industry, it’s typically either a merger, a purchase or a content distribution agreement. This time, however, there’s something truly different going on, and we think that it could prove to be a big step toward innovation in the industry as a whole:

LeoVegas has agreed to use BlueRibbon’s software platform add-ons for player engagement, which will lead to more opportunities than ever before for players to land jackpots and other payouts and rewards.

There’s a lot to unpack from this new agreement, and we’re going to break it all down in what follows, but there’s one thing for sure that we want to make very clear: This is excellent news for players who like to get in on the action in a variety of games at LeoVegas Casino.

What BlueRibbon Offers

The software that BlueRibbon produces is based around the idea of increasing engagement and rewards among players. One of the main ways to do that in the online casino industry is to give them more ways to win, and that’s exactly what it’s looking like will be done.

The main attraction is adding casino-specific jackpots that can be won at random across several different types of games that are based on the wagers you’re making, which essentially turns every game included into a progressive jackpot title without increasing that title’s house advantage.

It’s clear that this is a big positive for players, but it’s important to note that the jackpots themselves will be on the smaller size for this type of thing so that they hit more often and are more attainable to players. In any event, it’s more money that LeoVegas is giving to players through prizes and jackpot payouts, so it’s obviously a good thing if you wager on real money casino games at this site.

The Importance of Engagement

We want to take a moment to ask readers if they can guess what the number one reason players have for switching from one casino to another? In most polls, the number one answer is that they get bored and want something different. This is where the importance of player engagement comes in.

With hundreds of games in all kinds of different genres, and new games being added on a regular basis every month, it’s hard to imagine how a major online casino could have players leaving out of boredom, but that’s exactly what happens when player engagement isn’t where it needs to be.

The platform that BlueRibbon offers is there to solve this problem, and while it’s obviously good for the casino (or otherwise they wouldn’t pay BlueRibbon and the players lots of money as a result of the deal), it’s also great news for the players.

It’s such good news for the players not only because of the increased jackpots that will be available but also because it gives different ways to get engaged and avoid the boredom noted above.

The bottom line is that this is good news for everyone involved, especially the players, and it’s a pretty big reason to get playing there if you aren’t already.

About LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is known for having a really wide range of games from some of the top providers in the industry. They run a very aggressive promotional schedule as well, and this gives players tons of ways to get paid on a regular basis no matter what types of games you prefer.