Blueprint Gaming Boosts Italian Reach With StarCasino From Betsson Group

Blueprint Gaming Boosts Italian Reach With StarCasino From Betsson Group ( Click to Enlarge )

Blueprint Gaming has been on a tear in a variety of regulated European markets this year. Their latest work has them expanding their reach in the regulated Italian market. This comes through a deal with StarCasino, a brand operated by Betsson Group.

Betsson’s Italian StarCasino Gains Blueprint Gaming Titles

The thing to understand about the situations for regulated markets in Europe is that they were the first. This entire approach we have now of each individual country and region regulating the industry separately was started there and spread to the rest of the world later. As a result, they usually have the most established markets with the most competition.

That’s why it’s such a big deal that Blueprint Gaming is extending their reach in Italy with a new deal.

This deal will offer Italian players even more opportunities to access and play their portfolio of top-tier titles. However, it also shows just how serious they are about really locking down as much of that market as possible. This commitment is the kind of thing that has helped them to become super popular in the region. Additionally, the same approach has helped them in other European markets.

What Betsson Group’s StarCasino Gets From This Agreement

Top-level games are one of the most important things an online casino can have. However, this is especially true as the market becomes more competitive. That’s the case in Italy, so StarCasino specifically but Betsson Group in general are always looking for ways to get an edge against the other companies they’re up against.

This deal with Blueprint Gaming takes strong steps in the direction of that goal. That’s because this content distribution agreement includes all of their top titles. Games like Ted, The Goonies and titles branded with the Rick and Morty animated series are included in this. However, lots of other titles, including those with the super popular Megaways format, are involved as well.

When one online casino in a region has games that another doesn’t through deals like this, it can make a big difference in where players choose to play. This is why they’re so important, and it’s why StarCasino is getting a lot from this agreement.

Blueprint Gaming’s Position and Strategy

The advantage for Blueprint Gaming is pretty straightforward. They are getting their games in front of more people, which is always a goal for a software developer. However, on a more strategic level, they’re also cementing the position they already have in the super competitive Italian market. As a result, it helps to prevent situations where they could eventually slip in the market as a whole. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but in this case, Blueprint Gaming is bringing a ton.

On a larger level, this deal is a part of Blueprint Gaming’s approach to international expansion as a whole. It’s something they’ve been pretty aggressive about all this year in particular. However, this approach goes back even further than that to at least 2018. The thing that many players are noticing who are paying attention is that things have really picked up for them with these deals over the past 12 months. Our opinion is that it might be because of the momentum of pushing in the same direction for so long.

Players Have Reason to Be Excited as Well

What’s great about this whole thing is that players are probably the ones who gain the most from this deal. It’s true that they get improved access to games. However, that’s not where we think the biggest gain comes from for players.

Instead, it’s the level of increased competition that’s so good for the individual. Any time there is an upward pressure for these casinos and software companies, it results in them doing more and more to try to get and maintain the interest of the people actually playing the games. This has been the main driving force behind all improvements for players over the past two decades. Seeing it here in the Italian market just continues that trend of things getting better and better over time.


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