Gaming Innovation Group Continues Their Expansion in the Spanish Market

Gaming Innovation Group Continues Their Expansion in the Spanish Market ( Click to Enlarge )

The Spanish regulated online gambling market has proven to be very important for the Gaming Innovation Group. They have shown this once again by signing another distribution agreement that will see their platform be put in front of even more players.

Sportnco Gaming Makes Deal to Host Gaming Innovation Group Content

Different jurisdictions handle online gambling in different ways. That’s the nature of our current market for the industry, and while it has its pros and cons, there is definitely one thing for sure that came from this arrangement.

The competition to get into and expand within individual markets has never been more fierce.

Spain was one of the very first regulated European markets. Additionally, this has given them more time than others to fully mature into a highly competitive environment. Gaming Innovation Group knows the importance of being able to compete as much as any other software provider. As such, it’s no surprise that they have pushed incredibly hard in the Spanish market.

Once again, we’re seeing them push in this particular part of the world. Nothing exceeds like excess; some people could definitely see what they’re doing as an excess of effort. Nonetheless, they’ve made it clear that they want to dominate in Spain. Along those lines, a new deal with Sportnco will get their software in front of even more Spanish players.

What’s Involved in This Deal

Sportnco already has a very established presence in the Spanish market, particularly in the retail sector. The idea here is that this is where Gaming Innovation Group’s platform will be used to help expand the operator’s reach. Specifically, Sportnco is looking to get some degree of expansion as a result of this deal by the end of 2022.

Currently, the deal is set to last for three years. That would put them well into 2025 before this deal expires. However, it also has a catch. A fourth year option is included in the deal as well. If that option is accepted, which is often the case when distribution agreements are structured in this way, then it could be 2026 until it actually effectively expires. Once they reach that point, they can decide where to go from there. If both sides are happy with what has happened in the meantime, it seems likely that they will each be eager to re-sign in some form or fashion.

Gaming Innovation Group Expanding Through Spanish Retail

A critical component of this whole thing is understanding the crossover between online gambling and retail shops. Since these retail shops essentially run games on computers, for all intents and purposes, the crossover is more serious than it would have been a decade or two ago. In Spain in particular, this is a critical part of the puzzle for GiG.

The reason for this importance is how hard they have been hammering the Spanish market. With Sportnco included, they have a total of 13 different clients within this regulated market in Spain. Since they are open about working with operators of a variety of sizes, they’re able to penetrate very deeply. Additionally, it puts them in a position of getting their titles in front of more and more players.

Another critical part of this strategy is that Spanish online gambling is still growing. From 2020 to 2021 alone, they saw it grow more than 12 percent. However, a similar or higher rate of growth is expected from 2021 to 2022 once the numbers are in.

Players Win Big Again

Once again, it’s the players who come out ahead the most in deals like this one. The main reason is that it increases competition levels for the industry as a whole. We really love when players get more high-quality options for this reason. Additionally, when the level fo competition increases like this, it causes the level of what’s available for players to rise across the board. With the pressure that companies like Gaming Innovation Group put out there, things will definitely be rising in the Spanish market for years to come.