ECOBANQ is a relatively new addition to the online casino scene. This specialist online payment method is designed specifically for the Indian market. It offers players both within and outside India an e-wallet option exclusively for the currency of Indian rupees.

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ECOBANQ is an easy and fast payment method that allows for the quick depositing of funds in supported casinos. It has not been around as long as some of the more mainstream competitors but is undoubtedly carving its own niche. Using SSL encryption and world-class security, users can access this e-wallet for fast and convenient deposits and withdrawals.

While the company provides little information about its history and origins, it does provide ample insight into the security and fraud prevention methods. For individuals looking for a specific rupee-based e-wallet, choosing casinos that accept ECOBANQ might be the ideal option.

Creating an Account

ECOBANQ users are required to sign up via the company’s website. To start the process, simply select ‘create account’ on the ECOBANQ platform, which will bring you to a manageable form – all you need to start with is your email address.

Once your email has been confirmed, personal data and information can be filled in. This includes your name, date of birth and contact details. Once this process has been completed, your registration will then be manually reviewed. Unlike some other platforms, it seems that in most of the cases, ID is not required to complete this process.

Following acceptance, users will then be able to direct deposit funds for use in online casinos that accept ECOBANQ. Money can be added to your account in several ways, including via Visa or Mastercard credit cards, or via participating banks within India. For those outside of India looking to use ECOBANQ, credit cards may be the only option at hand.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Completing an online deposit for an ECOBANQ casino is a straightforward and practical process. Define your payment option, enter the amount you’d like to deposit into your account, and log in to your e-wallet to complete to process. To deposit money, it must already be available in your e-wallet. Once you’ve logged in, follow the steps and the process can be over in minutes.

ECOBANQ also supports the withdrawal of cash from casinos, but only in the case where this payment method has been used as a method to deposit money. As with the deposit process, follow the steps and your money can be withdrawn in no time. If you then wish to withdraw the cash in your e-wallet into your bank, fees will apply at this stage.


  • Reliable deposits and withdrawals: ECOBANQ is quick and convenient when it comes to depositing money into online casinos, provided you have the cash in your e-wallet. Withdrawal is also reasonably painless, making it a reliable choice for those wanting to use rupees for casino play.
  • SSL encryption: ECOBANQ uses world-standard encryption to ensure the safety of its customers at all times.
  • Customer support: Customer service is available around the clock for ECOBANQ customers, something that’s a significant advantage over other payment services in the area.


  • Rupees only: ECOBANQ very much offers a niche service, providing payment options for Indian rupees only. While this isn’t a disadvantage for Indian players, it makes this service far less suitable for the wider casino audience.
  • Lack of support options: While ECOBANQ does aim to provide high levels of support 24/7, this is only offered through a Gmail account. No live chat or telephone support is provided by the company.


ECOBANQ uses a range of different anti-laundering and anti-fraud methods to ensure that its e-wallets are secure at all times. The use of SSL encryption is just one way that the company provides this service. However, little information is provided on their platform about other methods are. As such, we’d recommend not leaving vast amounts of cash within your e-wallet, instead withdrawing any winnings or excess money regularly just to be on the safe side.


As a service that only offers Indian rupees as a currency, it comes as no surprise that the primary availability for this payment option is within India. Although those outside of India can use ECOBANQ, they may find themselves highly limited as the service generally only works with Indian banks. For those from India, this specialised service is highly available and may be a good choice.


ECOBANQ does offer a high standard of customer service, through an independent support Gmail account that’s available 24/7. However, the company doesn’t provide any other form of customer support, whether via the telephone or through live chat. This lack of additional support – and lack of affiliation in terms of what it does offer – makes it one of the less customer-focused services on offer, especially in comparison to larger brands.


Very little is detailed about ECOBANQ on its website, beyond its availability and the security the platform entails. As an e-wallet service, ECOBANQ supports the use of its funds for online shopping, provided the platform you are shopping on accepts this particular payment method.


Is ECOBANQ available for my country?

While ECOBANQ hasn’t specified any particular restrictions for its services, payment options are only available in Indian rupees alone and is only supported by Indian banks.

Do I need to make an account with ECOBANQ to deposit money?

As an e-wallet service, it is required that users make an account with ECOBANQ in order to deposit money into an online casino. ECOBANQ offers no form of overdraft with their services, which means that any cash you deposit must already be in your e-wallet for the process to be successful.

Does ECOBANQ work with my credit card?

ECOBANQ works with Visa and Mastercard credit cards to deposit money into your e-wallet account.

Which online casinos accept ECOBANQ?

Use the list of ECOBANQ casinos to see all online casinos that accept ECOBANQ payments. We filter the casino top list to only show ECOBANQ casinos that accept players from your location.