PayNearMe works primarily as a mobile application that aims to take the hassle out of paying for bills, goods, and services. It offers a variety of options to achieve this. You can pay using your Debit or credit card, your bank account, or with cash in your local 24 hour convenience store. There are a wide variety of supported PayNearMe casinos to choose from, and things to look out for are bonuses including great value welcome offers.

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Casinos with PayNearMe
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
Caesars Casino 71% Caesars Casino Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag
Pointsbet 60% Pointsbet Review Country Flag


Pay Near Me is an innovative new payment method for those that might otherwise not be able to benefit from the ability to purchase goods and services online. Although Pay Near Me doesn’t offer any of its own bonuses, many of the casinos that it is supported by, do. It can be accessed by either downloading the user-friendly app or logging in with a browser on a home computer. Some of its benefits include a dedicated customer support team, speedy payouts, and security. Some of the drawbacks are that, like with any e-wallet service, it’s made much more efficient if you have access to a bank account, as you will need it in order to withdraw winnings.


Casinos often look for new ways to entice players in. Although Pay Near Me doesn’t have any of its own bonuses, many of the casinos that it is supported in, do. These can include welcome packs containing goodies and freebies such as free spins and extra credit, or frequent promotions that individual casinos run for their customers. Joining a new casino in itself can be a rewarding experience, as they can vary greatly from website to website. Taking advantage of their welcome offers can be a good way to start using a site.


There are numerous benefits to choosing Pay Near Me as your primary payment method when it comes to feeding your online casino habit. The first is, obviously, security, then there’s the speed of payouts, and how quickly you can get in touch with a real human if something goes wrong.

  • Speedy payouts: Unlike other payment methods, Pay Near Me won’t stall with your money. As soon as you decide to call it a night, you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account hassle free.
  • Top Notch Customer service: Pay Near Me’s friendly and accessible customer support team is available at your beck and call 24/7.
  • Super security and protection: Pay Near Me knows how important financial safety is to their customers. All of their sites are regularly audited to make sure that they’re taking the proper precautions to keep customers safe.


Then, there are, of course, the disadvantages that come with every payment method. Whilst it’s very convenient to use digital payment methods, geographical restrictions will always pose barriers to some consumers, and you need to have certain things like a bank account already in place.

  • Withdrawing money: This cannot be done in cash, and requires a bank account.
  • Geographical location: Regrettably, the service is not available outside the USA.


When it comes to making a payment, Pay Near Me’s fees vary. Ranging from completely free, all the way up to a maximum fee of $5.99. However, as Pay Near Me believes in complete transparency with its users, all fees will be clearly stated on the app before you’ve made your payment. The variation in fees is due to the fact that some service providers choose to shoulder the processing fee themselves so that they can offer the cash payment option free of charge to their customer base.


Although Pay Near Me is becoming an increasingly popular option due to its user-friendliness and reliability, the only currency that is currently offered is the American Dollar. However, as Pay Near Me becomes more popular and continues to expand, this may very well change in the near future.

  • USD

Creating an Account

To create an account with Pay Near Me, all you need to do is go to the App Store on iOS, or the Play Store on Android and download the aforementioned app. You can also get a unique pay code from your biller, which they will send you via email or text.

  • Switch on your mobile device and locate the App store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)
  • Download the app, and start running it on your device

Funding Account

There are three ways to fund your account, meaning that you’ll never be short of choice. You can use debit or credit card by simply adding in your card and billing information, along with the amount that you wish to deposit. You can also pay straight from your bank account, and finally, cash is another option that may appeal to you.

  • Enter in your payment details.
  • Enter in the amount that you wish to deposit into your account.


Depositing money with Pay Near Me is easy. It can be as simple as visiting your nearest 24 hour store such as 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or CVS, and presenting them with your barcode and the money to cover your transaction. You can also use your bank details to deposit money with casinos that accept Pay Near Me deposits.

  • Log into your casino account of choice.
  • Click on “Deposit Now”


Withdrawing money with Pay Near Me is as simple and easy as depositing. When you use electronic methods like your bank account details, or credit or debit card, these can be easily stored on your account, making future withdrawals and deposits a lot more seamless. You cannot, however, withdraw cash using this method.

  • No cash withdrawals can be made with this payment method.
  • You should transfer funds to your bank account or another e-wallet.


As more and more people start to use the Internet, the risk of online fraud and theft increases. At Pay Near Me security is absolutely paramount to the service that is provided. Using a service like Pay Near Me adds an extra layer of encryption to your experience, making you less likely to be the victim of cybercrime. On top of this, your transactions are recorded, making it easier for you to keep track of your finances. Most banks have anti-fraud measures that make it easier to stop criminals in their tracks.


One of the benefits of using Pay Near Me over other payment methods, is its customers’ access to support. This is provided as a 24 hour service, meaning that whatever time you choose to game, you can always get the help that you need when you need it. Whatever question you have, no matter how big or small, the support team will do their best to answer it.

  • Telephone: You can call Pay Near Me up on 888.714.0004
  • Email: You can contact Pay Near Me by email on

VIP Program

Some payment methods offer an exclusive VIP members’ section with benefits.

  • Pay Near Me doesn’t offer this, as it likes to keep its payment method simple.


As its name might suggest, Pay Near Me is a payment method that prides itself in being available to customers locally. As Pay Near Me continues to grow and expand, it hopes to branch out its wings and spread its roots. For now, however, it is limited geographically to the United States of America, where you can access its services both online and offline. You can add funds to your account easily by visiting whichever supported 24-hour convenience store is local to you. This might include 7-11, Family Dollar, or CVS, making it readily available to customers at any hour of the day. However, what this payment cannot do, is allow you to make cash withdrawals.


Which online casinos accept PayNearMe?

Use the list of PayNearMe casinos to see all online casinos that accept PayNearMe payments. We filter the casino top list to only show PayNearMe casinos that accept players from your location.