Teen Patti Live

Teen Patti Live

Teen Patti live dealer games bring you closer to the action than you can get in any other way. With bonus payouts through side bets and classic action, this is definitely the best way to play online with live dealers and other players you can chat with while you cheer each other on.

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Casinos with Teen Patti Live
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
FortuneJack 85% FortuneJack Review Country Flag
Bovada Casino 65% Bovada Casino Review Country Flag
BetMGM 88% BetMGM Review Country Flag
DraftKings 86% DraftKings Review Country Flag
10BET 86% 10BET Review Country Flag
Paddy Power 85% Paddy Power Review Country Flag
BetRivers 83% BetRivers Review Country Flag
Casino Rocket 80% Casino Rocket Review Country Flag
SugarHouse 78% SugarHouse Review Country Flag
Red Lion Casino 75% Red Lion Casino Review Country Flag
BacanaPlay 73% BacanaPlay Review Country Flag
PlayUZU 73% PlayUZU Review Country Flag
Lady Linda Casino 73% Lady Linda Casino Review Country Flag
Damslots 72% Damslots Review Country Flag
Anonym Bet Casino 72% Anonym Bet Casino Review Country Flag
Slots.lv 71% Slots.lv Review Country Flag
Caesars Casino 71% Caesars Casino Review Country Flag
Black Diamond Casino 71% Black Diamond Casino Review Country Flag
Superior Casino 70% Superior Casino Review Country Flag
FanDuel Casino 68% FanDuel Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Teen Patti Live

The live version of Teen Patti is the best way to play online. This is a classic game that includes the right mix of skill and luck for a lot of players. What’s really awesome is that you don’t have to be some kind of math genius to learn to play the game really well either.

Teen Patti Live Adjusting Shoe
Teen Patti Live Adjusting Shoe

As a result, this is a very accessible game for players no matter where you’re located or how much time you have available to dedicate to strategy.

The multiple betting options and the social factor of playing in the live environment come together to form up a gameplay experience that you can’t really match in any other way. On top of that, you get all of the advantages of playing in a live casino with none of the disadvantages, which only adds to the overall effect.

Gameplay and Rules

In the following, we’ll break down the gameplay procedure, hand rankings and rule set for Teen Patti live dealer tables. Make sure that you know exactly how this game runs before you hop in so that you don’t hold up the other players at the table who can end up waiting on you for a bit if you slow the game down.

The Basic Procedure

The standard procedure for the game goes as follows. It’s really straightforward for live dealer casino games like this one and is not at all like the multi-player version that involves people heading off against each other. Instead, you’re only facing off against the dealer.

  1. You start by making an ante bet. Side bets can be placed at this time, but the procedure is different, and the ante wager is the main bet for this game.
  2. The player and the dealer are given three cards each, all face-down. The player gets to see his or her own cards but does not get to see any of the dealer’s cards.
  3. At this point, the player has the option to fold or raise. If you fold, you give up your cards and ante wager.
  4. With a raise, you place another wager that’s the same size as the ante.
  5. The dealer’s cards are then shown, and the dealer qualifies by having a queen-high hand or better.
  6. In the case that the dealer’s hand is not good enough to qualify, the raise is returned to the player as a push, but the ante pays at 1:1.
  7. If the dealer qualifies, but the dealer has the best hand, the player loses both bets (raise and ante).
  8. If the player wins after the dealer qualifies, then the ante and raise pay at 1:1.
  9. Ties are a push, and the bets are simply returned to the player.
  10. No matter what the dealer’s hand happens to be, the player also receives special bonus payouts (called Ante Bonus pays) for making a hand that’s a straight or better.
  11. Side bets are also resolved at this time (see below).

If you’re familiar with the game Three Card Poker, then you’ll notice that this title is very similar with different hand rankings and many extra side bets.

Teen Patti Live Hand Resolution
Teen Patti Live Hand Resolution

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

The hand rankings for live dealer Teen Patti are as follows, starting from the best possible hand and going downward:

  • Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same rank
  • Straight Flush – Three cards of consecutive rank of the same suit
  • Straight – Three cards of consecutive rank, suit doesn’t matter
  • Flush – Three cards of the same suit, rank doesn’t matter
  • Pair – Two cards of the same rank, third card doesn’t matter
  • High Card – All other hands, order decided by top rank

Something worth pointing out with this pay table is that you do not have to declare your own hand ranking when playing at Teen Patti live tables. That will be done automatically, and you will be given the highest-ranking hands that you can make with your three cards.

Live Teen Patti Side Bets

We’re going to quickly look over the most popular side bets for this game. Depending on where you’re playing, additional side bets may or may not be available.


With the Pairplus side bet, the dealer’s hand is completely irrelevant, and you are scored on a pay table based on your own cards only. The pay table breaks down a bit differently than the usual hand ranking, and it looks like the following:

  • Three of a Kind, Aces (50x)
  • Three of a Kind, K-2 (40x)
  • Straight Flush (30x)
  • Straight (6x)
  • Flush (3x)
  • Pair (1x)

The payouts can vary slightly on some of the higher-ranking hands for this side bet, and again, it depends on where you’re playing to some degree. However, this is the most popular pay table that you’ll see, and the Pairplus awards will rarely deviate from the above in any significant way.

Teen Patti Live Betting
Teen Patti Live Betting

6 Card Bonus

The 6 Card Bonus incorporates the cards from both the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand for an atypical type of special side bet.

The best possible five-card poker hand is determined from the six cards that are shared between you and the dealer (three from each), which is then compared to a pay table for potential payouts.

Once again, there can be some degree of variation between different casinos, but the most common pay table for the 6 Card Bonus side bet is as follows.

  • Royal Flush (1000x)
  • Straight Flush (200x)
  • Four of a Kind (100x)
  • Full House (20x)
  • Flush (15x)
  • Straight (10x)
  • Three of a Kind (7x)

This is a fairly generous side bet in that it allows for some pretty serious top payouts, and it uses six cards instead of five while using five-card poker hand rankings for payouts, which makes it easier to win than you might initially think.

Strategy for Teen Patti Live

The ante bet is the only wager that has any decisions for the player, so it’s the only one that has any degree of strategy. However, the strategy for this game is really straightforward:

Teen Patti Live Bet Selection
Teen Patti Live Bet Selection

If you have Q64-high or better, then raise. If you have Q63-high or lower, then fold.

This can be confusing to some players who aren’t familiar with how high card hands work, so here’s a way to remember it:

  1. Arrange your cards in order of rank from highest to lowest.
  2. If the highest is an A or K, then always raise.
  3. If the highest is a J or lower, then always fold.
  4. If the highest is a Q, then always raise with a 7 or higher in the second position.
  5. With a Q in the highest spot, always fold with a 5 or lower in the second position along these lines as well.
  6. If you have a Q in the high spot and a 6 in the medium spot, only raise with a 4 or higher in the third spot. Fold with a 2 or 3.

You don’t need to go through this logic every time, but following it through once or twice will help you to understand how these hand rankings work for high card hands.


Live dealer Teen Patti gives a great mix of action between the social activity between players and the dealer as well as the strategic play that gives you something to think about without unnecessary complications. With side bets that offer even more action, it’s hard to ask for more in a live dealer table game experience.


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