$1.4 Million Jackpot Scored on BGAMING’s Slotomon Go Slot

$1.4 Million Jackpot Scored on BGAMING’s Slotomon Go Slot ( Click to Enlarge )

The reference in the name of the title is a bit obvious, but that didn’t stop a lucky player from taking down a $1.4 million jackpot thanks to the Slotomon Go video slot, a game produced by BGAMING. This jackpot was won at BitStarz, one of the premier bitcoin-friendly online casinos out there.

Slotomon Go Slot Awards $1.4 Million Prize

Big jackpots are what the online slots world is all about, and another big winner has been had on the Slotomon Go slot. This game is produced by BGAMING, a company known for some pretty interesting games with atypical themes, and the actual jackpot itself came out to be worth $1,376,221.80.

On the Slotomon Go slot at BitStarz, A player turned a single spin into a massive payout worth just under $1.4 million, which is clearly a life-changing sum of money for virtually anyone.

It’s important to note that another player won around $80,000 not very long ago at the same casino on the Jungle Rumble slot as well, so it’s not like these payouts are just one-hit wonders by any means. Along with that, another player won about $70,000 worth of bitcoin on the 5 Mariachis slot recently as well.

What the Slotomon Go Video Slot Offers Players

This game was produced by BGAMING to take advantage of the motifs and ideas found in the extremely popular mobile game Pokemon Go. While they don’t come close to infringing on any points of copyright, the name and the overall theme of the game make it pretty obvious.

What’s interesting to point out is that there haven’t really been any other major software developers who have done this type of thing or tried to take advantage of this particular trend, and while we’re not really sure why that is (since it’s the kind of thing that happens often in this industry as a whole), it was BGAMING’s gain since this title has been pretty popular ever since its initial release last year.

There are a few features other than the big jackpot that are worth pointing out:

  • The scattered diamond symbol can pay up to 1,500x
  • Other static jackpots of 5,000x, 2,000x and 1,000x are available on the regular pay table, offering several ways to win large wins.
  • A free spins bonus round is available with a special symbol that helps players to get even more wins.

With a solid feature set and a theme that’s fun and topical, it’s not hard to see how this title has achieved so much popularity despite not having been available for that long of a period of time.

Progress Made by BGAMING

Over the past few years, we’ve seen BGAMING make some serious progress in the online slots space in particular. They’ve expanded their portfolio with a number of regular releases each year, and they’ve covered such a wide range of formats, feature sets, pay schedule styles and themes that they’re able to reach a very large percentage of players in terms of making sure that everyone has something available that they are interested to play.

What has happened with this developer is indicative of changes in the online casino world as a whole. They’re able to get their games out to a wide range of players thanks to the structure of sites in the modern era by way of software distribution agreements with big platforms. This type of expansion has been a big success for them as well, and we love how easy it is to get in on the action with their entire portfolio thanks to these types of deals they have made in their quest for more and more expansion.