888 Casino Sees Spanish Launch for R. Franco Digital

888 Casino Sees Spanish Launch for R. Franco Digital ( Click to Enlarge )

R. Franco Digital has expanded once again in the Spanish market. This time, it comes through a content distribution agreement with 888 Casino. It’s looking to be a great deal for both parties, each of which is known for being a top name in their respective sectors of the industry.

R. Franco Digital Spanish Expansion Continues With 888 Casino

Expanding and getting your games in front of more players is the focus for most software developers in this space. The idea is pretty simple: The more people who see and play your games, the more successful you are. We’ve seen this pattern play out for decades, and it’s a simple but effective strategy.

R. Franco Digital has clearly been working along the lines of this strategy themselves if their most recent deal is any indication.

That’s because they have expanded in their home country once again. However, this time it’s with one of the biggest casino brands in the world. This deal is with 888 Casino in Spain, and it’s for a variety of R. Franco Digital’s library. Additionally, this is a key component of business strategy for 888 Casino as well.

The Reach of R. Franco Digital Continues to Expand

The first element of this whole thing that’s important is R. Franco Digital’s expansion efforts. They have definitely been expanding in the Spanish market, which makes sense. That’s their home market, so where else would you want a massive foothold? However, they’ve also expanded globally into a variety of other markets as well. This includes both European and Latin American markets as well, so they’re really just all over.

Additionally, it all happens through their IRIS 4.0 software platform. This includes popular games that have been released fairly recently like Vacuum Buster and Witches South.

With this deal with 888 Casino, they’re definitely continuing on that Spanish foothold. However, that’s not all this deal accomplishes for them. It gets them in with yet another top-tier brand where players can enjoy their games. That’s the sort of thing that builds on general exposure and helps with future brand recognition.

The fact of the matter is that, while they produce great games, that’s not enough in today’s market. For example, you could have the best tasting cake that anyone has ever tasted. However, if no one actually knows about it, then you’re dead in the water. That’s the scenario that R. Franco Digital is avoiding with these constant pushes for expansion.

888 Casino Boosts Their Portfolio

To stay ahead of the competition, one of the things a casino needs is a great game selection. This portfolio of available titles is one of the main things that players will choose a casino around. Additionally, even if you have a solid collection already, which 888 Casino does, increasing that number over time is critical if you want to stay relevant and popular.

One way that 888 handles this is that they develop many of their own games. However, in today’s hyper-competitive landscape, that’s often not enough. That’s why they have content distribution deals with developers like R. Franco and other proven games creators. Not only does this give them more high-quality titles, but it gives players more stylistic variety. Being able to get games from a variety of perspectives and development styles is excellent for players.

More Similar Deals in the Future?

We would be willing to bet that R. Franco Digital is not done with their aggressive global expansion. They’ve been getting their titles in front of tons of players over the past few years. Additionally, they were granted their license from the Malta Gaming Authority. This puts them in a position to offer games to a much larger number of operators than ever before. As such, they seem primed and ready to push even harder in 2023 and beyond when it comes to getting their games in front of as many players as they can.