Aspire Global Deal Inked for Yggdrasil Gaming

Aspire Global Deal Inked for Yggdrasil Gaming ( Click to Enlarge )

Yggdrasil Gaming recently added a new distribution agreement for their games. This time, it’s for the platform operated by Aspire Global. Aspire is known for offering its own platform to several dozen top-tier operators. As a result, this deal puts Yggdrasil’s games in front of a ton of new players.

Yggdrasil Expands Once Again

As a software company in the online casino industry, expansion is the constant goal. You want to get your games in front of as many players as possible. There are a few ways to do that, but business deals for content distribution are an important one.

This is why the news that Aspire Global will be hosting Yggdrasil Gaming’s full portfolio is so important.

There’s a lot to the details of this deal, but one thing is for certain. Yggdrasil has been enacting an expansion strategy for quite a while now. Along those lines, this deal is just the latest in a series of steps they have been working on for a long time.

If you’re a player, you’re the ultimate winner here. That’s because you’ll get increased access to some of the best games that the industry has to offer.

Games Included in This Deal

Yggdrasil has a pretty serious catalog of titles on their platform. Many of these came through the YG Masters program. This is a partnership agreement that has special games from third-party software providers offered on Yggdrasil’s platform. Along these lines, when any distribution deal like this comes up, the question is always about which games will be included.

This time around, every game on their overall platform will be included. This includes all of the titles produced through the YG Masters program as well. Ultimately, this is the best answer that players could hope for because it gives them the most access to the most hot games.

For specific examples of games that will be included, consider the following list: Multifly, Lucky Neko Gigablox, Valley of the Gods 2 and Temple Stacks: Splitz. All of these are top-tier video slots that players from different parts of the world will now have an increased level of access to thanks to the deal that has been made here with Aspire Global.

How This Benefits Aspire Global

Aspire’s platform is based on the idea of giving players a wide range of titles from a number of developers. The developers they work with all have great reputations and put out tremendous work. As a result, players get a cool selection of some of the best that the industry has to offer.

By adding the full portfolio of titles from a company like Yggdrasil, Aspire continues on this course. They become a bigger draw for players with more top-tier slots in particular. However, they also become more attractive to future operators they could work with. This type of thing definitely has an effect on expanding their scope in the future along these lines.

Understanding Yggdrasil’s Strategy

To understand the strategy at play here, consider what Yggdrasil Gaming’s long-term goals are. They want to produce great content, which they already do with regular releases. However, they also want as many players as possible to enjoy their games.

This means they need to expand in three ways: adding their games to software platforms, adding their games to individual operator line-ups and getting their foot in the door in jurisdictions where they’ve not been able to so far.

This deal with Aspire Global definitely fills the first two. This is because they will get on a new platform and on sites ran by operators they do not previously have dealings with. Along with that, they also open the opportunity to fill the third expansion goal. This comes with the territory since Aspire Global has their own goals in mind, which includes trying to get into new jurisdictions.

If they’re able to do so, Yggdrasil’s full portfolio of online slots will not be far behind. That’s why it’s a key component of a long-term expansion strategy.

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