Authentic Gaming Snapped Up By Genting

Authentic Gaming Snapped Up By Genting ( Click to Enlarge )

Genting has purchased Authentic Gaming this week for a mere €15m, completely debt-free. Authentic is planned to operate independently and Genting will support the company’s expansion, while also using their streaming technology to run its live casino. Genting chose to purchase Authentic Gaming to benefit from the live casino technologies that they have spent years developing, which means Genting can get straight into the live casino market.

Why No In-House Genting Live Casino Technology?

Authentic has spent years creating innovative live casino solutions and they have an experienced team that dominates in these areas.

By purchasing Authentic, Genting is able to immediately start generating income from these solutions. Genting is able to bring its loyal players to the live casino by utilising their partners and other casinos under their brand.

Will Authentic Still Exist Independently?

Yes, Authentic will still operate independently of Genting, Genting are simply making use of their live casino technologies as part of a sales deal.

Genting will continue to invest in the development of technologies created by Authentic, and in Authentic Gaming as a whole.

Essentially, the two companies have come to an agreement that benefits them both independently.

What Does This Mean For Genting?

Genting is already an established online casino brand, holding a substantial place in both the online casino and brick and mortar casino market.

This deal will likely set Genting up for live casino success and future expansion. It is likely that we will see Genting grow in the coming years, potentially holding a larger place in the online casino market.

With the European live casino market being worth €2.5bn, it is no surprise that deals like this are being made.

Genting, like many others, wants a slice of this pie, and it is likely that this deal was planned to take advantage of existing live casino technologies.

By starting from scratch, casinos like Genting may take years to develop the technology that others like Authentic already hold. Therefore, from a business point of view, it makes sense to acquire casinos with existing technology.