Avento MT Become Latest Partnership In Long Line Of Deals For Swintt

Avento MT Become Latest Partnership In Long Line Of Deals For Swintt ( Click to Enlarge )

Following a string of recently secured partnerships with various online casino entertainment developers, Swintt is set to continue its success after announcing its latest deal with Avento MT.

Who Is Swintt?

Swintt is a new iGaming content supplier making blazes on the market with a bold intention of becoming the preferred choice for operators around the world.

The company is based in Malta, with more than 70 employees and partnerships situated all over the globe. Some of Swintt’s most popular games include titles such as Royal Golden Dragon, Panda Warrior, Wild Wild Tiger, and Battle Heroes.

Swintt has also recently acquired its license from the Malta Gaming Authority earlier this month, meaning the company can now distribute its content to future and existing suppliers that also have the licence.

Who Is Avento MT?

Putting innovation at the heart of its business ethos, Avento MT is an iGaming operator based in Malta. Avento MT aims to create and partner with brands that lead the sector, pushing boundaries of the online casino experience for avid players across multiple countries.

Unmatched customer experiences, exciting concepts and visuals, and unique bonuses are just a few of the many factors Avento MT is keeping an eye out for when it comes to seeking out their next big investment.

What’s The Deal?

The new partnership between Avento MT and Swintt will see the latter company bring its entire portfolio to the former’s platform, increasing exposure of Swintt’s expansive range of games.

This includes over 50 exciting games such as the ones mentioned above, not to mention the hotly anticipated future releases Sushi Master and Immortal Monkey King once they also go live.

This looks set to be a promising partnership for both parties involved. Swintt has been on a hard-set streak in recent months to bring its games to as many players as possible, while Avento MT has had its eyes set on Swintt for a while and so should be happy that the deal has finally been signed.

Swintt’s rolling out of its gamification tools on the Avento MT platform will be welcome news for many fans within the iGaming community.