Bankroll Building Strategy for No Deposit Bonuses

Many online casinos will offer players a free chance to win real money prizes in the form of a no deposit bonus or other promotions. It’s possible to build a bankroll completely from these types of deals, but maximizing your chances of making it work will take a bit of strategy that includes the concepts we outline here.

Building a Bankroll for Free at Online Casinos

In the online casino world, players will find a wide range of different types of promotions, events, bonuses and deals that are designed to increase competition between the sites that are available. These companies are always competing against each other to try to offer players a better deal than the rest, and it’s something that you can take advantage of in a way that’s very attractive to many players.

It’s completely possible to build a real money bankroll by only using generous no deposit bonuses and other similar offers by casinos that are competitive in this way.

Because there are certain terms and conditions in place for these offers, it takes a bit of strategy to maximize your opportunities to put that bankroll together along these lines, and we’re going to walk you through exactly what you need to know when you try to make it happen.

Two Levels of Strategy: What We’re Trying to Accomplish

There are two levels of strategy for building a bankroll with no deposit casino bonuses:

  • Macro Level – The overall plan that will consist of taking advantage of several deals from different casinos.
  • Micro Level – The smaller plan of how to attack each individual promotional offer and how to maximize the chances of success with each one as you’re playing.

A strong understanding of both levels of this strategy will be needed to make this work, so we have broken our discussion into two sections in what follows along these lines. We recommend reading through these strategies in their entirety a few times so that you really understand every part of the program we’ve put together here, and then you can start listing out actual deals you want to go after if this is an approach that appeals to you.

Macro-level Strategy: Bringing Together Several Deals

The overall idea of this strategy is to work through several no deposit-type bonus opportunities to maximize the chances of cashing out some real money prizes with some of them at some point.

The more of these promotions that you go after, the better your results will end up being.

We have several deals on our no deposit bonus list that can help you to get started, and this includes traditional no deposit bonuses along with free spins offers, free chips specials and other similar deals. If it gives you a chance to win some real money for free, then we’re all over it, and it will most likely fit in somewhere with this strategy on the macro level.

Since you’ll be going after a variety of different special offers, we recommend keeping a list of the ones that you want to take advantage of and simply working through the list one at a time.

A simple spreadsheet program can work great for this, but even a text file or a sheet in a paper notebook can do the trick.

Make your list, and work through it completely while accumulating all of your winnings in the same electronic wallet or other account. Once you work through all of the items in your list, you’ll put together all of your winnings to form your starting bankroll. From there, you’ll look for the best deposit bonus that will fit your budget at that point to get even more value.

That’s about all there is for the macro-level strategy. It is a numbers game, so the more offers you use, and the more discipline you have in letting your bankroll build while you work on offers, the better the results will be.

Micro-level Strategy: Attacking Individual Offers

A variety of different types of deals, bonuses and other specials can be used for this type of bankroll-building approach, but it mostly comes down to two key types: no deposit bonus codes and free spins bonuses.

We’re going to show you how to go after each one of these in the most efficient ways possible to maximize your chances of success and to really understand the terms and conditions of these promotions.

No Deposit Bonus Offers

From a practical standpoint, the idea behind a no deposit bonus offer is that the casino is giving you a free chance at some real money with a lot of restrictions on how you can use the bonus. These restrictions include wagering requirements, maximum bet sizes and maximum cash outs as well as limitations on which games you can play.

Even with these restrictions, you can still go after these deals in certain ways that will boost your chances of making it through with a balance that you can cash out.

Here is a quick list of tips to follow when working on no deposit bonuses that will help you to get through the wagering requirements quickly while still maintaining good chances of coming out ahead:

  1. Make sure that you know which games are restricted ahead of time. You don’t want to accidentally play some on a game that is not allowed and have your entire bonus removed from your account.
  2. Start off with bet sizes that are considerably large compared to the bonus amount. Around 5-10 percent of the size of the bonus is reasonable for this. The idea is that you want to hit an early winning streak or bust so that you don’t waste your time.
  3. Along with point 2 above, understand that using a more standard bankroll management strategy of using a very small bet size relative to your bonus will not get you very far with this because you’ll grind your bonus down to nothing with little to no chance of winning enough to be able to cash out.
  4. Keep in mind that you’ll go bust on most of these deals, and that’s fine because it’s a numbers game, and you only need to do well on two or three of these offers at the most to build a solid starting casino bankroll.

Once you run up a winning streak early on, you can switch to a more conservative bet size to ride out the wagering requirements. However, if you bust out, then don’t worry about it. Instead, just transition to the next offer on your list, and continue the process.

Free Spins Offers

Free spins deals generally work about the same way as no deposit deals except the amount that you start with is determined by how you do at a series of spins on a chosen slot.

You generally do not get to pick which slot you are able to play with, but if you do get a choice, the lower volatility options will typically be the best.

The same types of ideas apply to these as apply to the no deposit deals with the exception that there’s an extra step at the beginning where you will actually play through your free spins to determine how much bonus money you start with before the play-through requirements kick in.

You can really use the above recommendations and micro-level strategy for the no deposit bonuses once you’re at that point, but choosing the game properly when you have the option to do so will drastically increase your chances of success.

Game Selection

Finally, we have to look at game selection (when applicable) in the general sense for no deposit bonus promotions. The basic idea here is that you have to choose from a restricted list of what you can play, and most of that will center around online slots a majority of the time.

The two factors you have to consider here are house advantage and volatility.

Low-volatility games are the preference here because high-volatility titles tend to pay you a larger prize or nothing at all. Since most of these offers you’ll be going after will have maximum cash out amounts, you can very easily end up in a situation where you leave money on the table that you can’t withdraw if you play high-volatility games.

This is why we strongly recommend going after low-volatility slots (and other games if available) with as high of a payout rate as you can find.


Putting all of this together will give you a very serious strategy that will give you very serious chances of building a cash bankroll without having to risk anything of your own. It takes quite a bit of time and patience to make this work, but using the strategies outlined above will help move things along with a higher rate of success than just winging it. On top of that, you’ll be playing games you love the entire time, which is the whole point of playing in an online casino.