Barclays Provides UK Players With Gambling Transaction Block Feature


Barclays, a UK based bank, has rolled out a feature that allows an individual to block a wide range of gambling transactions from their account. This includes payments to online casinos, which offers an extensive option for problem gamblers seeking ways to protect themselves.

The Issue of Problem Gambling Online

Something that players in general are made aware of in the online casino space is that there are resources out there to help them with problem gambling issues. Every licensed casino that wants to be taken seriously, online or otherwise, will have materials readily available for players to help them stop gambling if they are having issues with self-control in that area.

In fact, a large degree of online regulation, particularly in the United Kingdom, centers around identifying behavior that could be the result of compulsive gambling issues and extending help to the players displaying that behavior.

Barclays, a giant in the UK banking scene, has put up another tool at the ground level to allow players to block transactions to gambling sites. This feature can be turned on from their mobile banking application on their phone or from their online banking settings on their website.

What All is Blocked With This Feature?

The option we’re talking about here allows players to block pretty much any type of gambling payment. This includes lottery tickets, retail shops, tracks, land-based casinos and all kinds of online sites. What’s important to note, however, is that this isn’t only limited to gambling transactions.

Instead, you’ll have an option to block other categories like restaurants, bars and pubs, online shopping and other types of places. However, it’s clearly the gambling aspect of the situation that we’re the most interested in.

Other Options for Problem Gambling

The online gambling industry as a whole has been growing pretty steadily year-on-year for more than two decades. While more players than ever being able to conveniently get in on the action is a good thing, that does mean that certain things have to be put in place to help protect problem gamblers.

This filter system from Barclays is one good option that players could use, but it’s not the only option. Virtually all online casinos will exclude you from further play if you contact their support team and ask for it, and they can also help to point you to support groups and other resources. Licensed sites in the United Kingdom in particular, but also in other jurisdictions, pay money into funds to help deal with the cost for this sort of thing so that the burden isn’t so much on players as well, and it’s clear to see that they want to make it as easy as possible to get help if you want it.