Battle Of Slots Comes To Mobile

Battle Of Slots Comes To Mobile ( Click to Enlarge )

Most avid slot enthusiasts will have come across Battle of Slots. Videoslots’ well-known virtual arena where individuals can battle it out with one another to win one of the many jackpots on offer. Providing entertainment in the form of over three thousand different slots and table games, Battle of Slots provides almost endless variety as well as the potential to win big.

Now Available On Your Mobile

Until recently Battle of Slots was confined to play on computers and laptops, but times change and so does technology: Videoslots announced earlier in the week that Battle of Slots is now available on the small screen!

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, there is now the option to access Videoslots’ Battle of Slots via your phone. Exceptional graphics and advanced software that has been tweaked to accommodate the needs of phone users combine to give an excellent entertainment experience.

Enjoy Premium Slot Entertainment Anytime, Anywhere

Available globally, users can access Battle of Slots anywhere there is the ability to access the Internet. On offer 24/7/365, participants are able to join Battle of Slots whenever they have their phone with them. This advance opens up a wealth of possibilities for extended play: users can now enjoy a quick game on their way to work, during their lunch hour or whenever they have a spare minute.

Small screen entertainment allows people to enjoy their gaming without it disrupting their schedule.

Exceptional Technology

It is no accident that Videoslots is the world’s largest virtual casino: the company has invested heavily in the best software and IT infrastructure it can source, bringing together an enormous diversity of games. With dozens of different forms of software supported, the site is able to offer an unprecedented level of choice for gamers across the planet.

With Battle of Slots now potentially open to even more users (more people have phone access to the Internet than have access via a larger screen), it’s not just Videoslots’ profits which are likely to rise: more participation could well see a rise in the frequency and scale of the already generous jackpots on offer!