BF Games Announces Remastered Slot Series

BF Games Announces Remastered Slot Series ( Click to Enlarge )

With the online casino industry being more than 25 years old at this point, it’s not uncommon to see software companies make new versions of old classics. That’s exactly what we’re seeing from BF Games with their new Remastered series that revisits some of their most popular titles ever.

Remastered Slots Coming From BF Games

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen some major advances in how online slots are handled. The graphics have improved a lot, and new types of formats and features have become fashionable. With that said, a lot has stayed the same, especially in terms of certain styles of game play and feature sets.

BF Games is using their new Remastered series to offer a combination of modern graphics and presentations with the older styles of play in their video slot catalog.

The end result is their Remastered series, which brings back some of their most popular games of all time and revamps them with a new overall presentation. This includes quite a bit of work, and it puts players in a position where they can enjoy some really great titles without having to feel like they’re playing something that was first developed in the 1990s.

What’s Included in These Revamped Slots

There are two main areas that are worked on with these titles in the Remastered series. The first is the visual aspect of the situation. Graphics and presentation are really the biggest difference between online slots now and the games from a couple of decades ago, and updating that part of these titles really goes a long way in and of itself. Since the advances have largely come from faster connection speeds and better rendering tools that can support more complicated graphics, there will be no problem for developers on this front.

The second area where BF Games is shaking things up is in the soundtrack department. Once again, overly complicated sounds and music weren’t really a priority back in a time when a large number of people were still using dial-up connections. As a result, the music aspect couldn’t be well-developed until further down the line when the sounds could actually be supported by the software and the connection speeds.

In the modern era, none of this is a problem from a technical standpoint, so they’re taking full advantage by forming up games that will continue to stand the test of time with this type of virtual makeover.

Games to Look For

There are two games that have been announced for the Remastered series so far. The first will be Stunning Hot, the first in the series of games that share a similar name. While the gameplay will stay the same, the look, feel and soundtrack will all be updated to bring things up to the standards of the modern era of slots.

Next up will be Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe. This is a fairly immersive game already just due to the way the gameplay works and how feature-packed it is, and the makeover they are giving it will make this even more the case. Even though it’s an older title, the gameplay still holds up in the present because of how well the features work together and how strong the regular pay table is as well.


What we really love about this is seeing BF Games adapt to the times instead of expecting to be able to rest on their laurels. This is the type of thing that gives software companies a tremendous amount of longevity in the industry, but unfortunately, we often see developers that refuse to make these types of adjustments.

In any event, the new Stunning Hot and Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe slots from the Remastered series will definitely be titles to check out because, despite sharing the name, they have different styles of play that appeal to different kinds of players, which reflects on the variety of slots you can find in the BF Games catalog in general.

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