BF Games Signs Deal for Romanian Expansion

BF Games Signs Deal for Romanian Expansion ( Click to Enlarge )

The Romanian online gambling market has started heating up in the past year in particular. In the latest news in the region, BF Games has continued their ongoing campaign to take over as much of that market as possible with a distribution deal with

The Romanian Expansion Continues for BF Games

The current state of the online gambling industry is all about individual markets. These segregated markets are a collection of individual battlegrounds where providers and operators are trying to get and then maintain their footholds in individual regions. As a result, competition is relatively localized but very fierce.

One such type of competition is happening in Romania. Accordingly, BF Games is one of the main companies taking the lead in the region.

When we see a games provider take the initiative like they have been doing in Romania, it’s great to see. That’s because it really shows that they are serious about servicing the area and taking care of their players. Additionally, it means they are willing to put more and more effort into what they offer. This also benefits players in a very direct way.

However, their most recent deal between BF Games and is not the first they’ve had in the country. Instead, this is just the latest step in a long-term campaign that BF Games has been pressing on.

About the Specific Deal With

Before we get into their long-term plans, it’s first important to know and understand what goes into the individual deals. With, for example, it’s all about providing high-end games. Through their aggregation deals that run through Relax Gaming, this allows BF Games to provide with a tremendous catalog of top-tier content.

The majority of this content, like most casino games, focuses on video slots. Titles like Cave of Fortune, Book of Gates and Buffalo Trail Ultra have been getting the attention of players in particular in recent months. However, this distribution deal will also include many of their older but still popular titles. Those include names like Hot Sunrise and Stunning Hot Remastered in addition to Energy Fruits.

As you can tell, they’re serious about offering a strong offering in both of the primary ways. The first is through quality, which you can tell just from how well their games perform. However, the second is through quantity. This comes through the fact that they have continued to increase their game production output over time without compromising on quality.

The Ongoing Push in Romania

Multiple deals have already been made by BF Games in the Romanian market relatively recently. This includes distribution agreements with both and Fortuna, two of the biggest operators in the region. By working with all of the big names, it’s not difficult to see how BF Games is taking up more and more of the market. Additionally, this allows them to get their names in front of as many players as possible within the Romanian network of casinos.

It’s also important to understand the competitive nature of the lineups of these casinos. They have games from a wide range of strong software providers. Additionally, by putting their games beside of these other titles, BF Games is vouching for the quality of their games. They are essentially saying that they’re confident that they can compete with the best providers that Romania has to offer. It’s this competitive spirit that’s the key behind what drives them from the standpoint of trying to take up as much of the Romanian market as possible.

What’s Next for BF Games in Romania?

At some point, BF Games will run into the issue of diminishing returns on new deals. That’s because the Romanian market is sizable but only goes up to a certain level in terms of the number of players and casinos. Once they have deals with all of the top names, they will already have the attention of most players. From there, they’ll have to decide if it makes sense to keep pushing there. Alternatively, they may decide to focus their expansion efforts elsewhere.


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