Big Distribution Deal Signed for Vibra Gaming by SOFTSWISS

Big Distribution Deal Signed for Vibra Gaming by SOFTSWISS ( Click to Enlarge )

Vibra Gaming has landed a big distribution deal that will put them in front of a lot of new players. This comes in the form of distribution through the game aggregation platform offered by SOFTSWISS. The end result is a win-win scenario with tons of players getting a better game selection.

Strategic Software Selection Leads Vibra Gaming Down the Right Path

Every single software provider in the online casino world faces the same set of challenges, more or less. Ultimately, they want to get their games in front of as many players as they can. However, with the regulatory environment being so restrictive now, that’s much easier said than done. With that said, the current strategy that many top names follow is one that has landed Vibra Gaming a new major distribution deal.

This deal is with SOFTSWISS, who has a distribution network across more than 260 different brands globally.

While the details of the deal are pretty straightforward for this kind of thing, it’s great news for players. The game portfolio involved is top-notch for one. Additionally, it helps put Vibra Gaming in a position to create even more high-level content in their future releases.

The Vibra Gaming Portfolio: What to Expect

The game selection that Vibra Gaming has to offer is well above average for the industry. They have won awards for their titles before, but they bring both quality and quantity to the table. This comes through a pretty aggressive release schedule that sees several new titles available each year.

This is exactly one aspect of the situation that’s so interesting. On the one hand, all of their existing titles will be made available on the SOFTSWISS aggregation platform. However, their future releases will also be put on this platform immediately, which puts it head to head against the newest slots produced by some of the biggest software names in the industry.

While they’ll all be under the same SOFTSWISS banner for distribution, the competition is unavailable. This gives Vibra Gaming a real chance to show how their games can perform against top-notch competition. Additionally, this helps them out by helping to expose any areas where they can improve. Along similar lines, it also provides a morale boost to try to keep their games on as high of a level as possible.

SOFTSWISS Continues to Grow

At this point, after seeing what SOFTSWISS has done over the past few years, deals like this one aren’t particularly surprising. They have expanded their offering through their software platform substantially. However, they haven’t just accepted anyone into their ranks. Instead, they require high-quality content with a focus on top-tier slots.

Any provider who can’t meet that level can’t really cut it on the aggregation platform. However, when you do see a deal like this one with a company like Vibra Gaming, it makes it clear that they have what it takes to stand among some of the best in the world.

More than 260 brands use the SOFTSWISS aggregation platform. That means all of those will have titles from Vibra available sooner rather than later. Additionally, it means their new releases will be available at all of those brands as well. That’s great news because it give more players all over the globe in a variety of markets a chance to take advantage of some of the best games being released right now.

Vibra Gaming’s Aggressive Expansion Strategy

Something worth noting is that Vibra Gaming’s primary focus has been on Latin American countries over the past few years. They are by far one of the top software names in that part of the world at this point in things. However, they’re clearly looking to expand to have the same level of impact all over the globe.

The type of deal they’ve made with SOFTSWISS is the key to making this work. It allows them to put their titles in brands across a variety of regulatory regimes. Additionally, it makes them more attractive to work with for other brands and companies in the future.