Big €4,853,228 Jackpot Won on Mega Fortune Dreams

Big €4,853,228 Jackpot Won on Mega Fortune Dreams ( Click to Enlarge )

The Mega Fortune Dreams progressive jackpot slot by Net Entertainment has had its largest prize won yet again. This payout come in the form of a win worth just over €4.8 million, and it’s another huge prize awarded by one of the biggest progressive jackpots in the game.

Another Enormous Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot Win

There are a handful of top progressive jackpots in the online slot world that seem to pay out pretty often while still giving players life-changing sums of money when the top prize is won. The Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot is one of those, and it was won recently on the Mega Fortune Dreams video slot by Net Entertainment.

The payout for this big win came in at €4,853,228, which is enough to change the life of any online slots fan.

There are multiple games that tie into the same set of NetEnt jackpots, and Mega Fortune Dreams is one of them. This gives players plenty of options to compete for the same prizes that grow to be larger and larger over time until someone finally takes down the huge payout to see the prize amount reset, and then it happens all over again.

Three Ways to Win Progressives in Mega Fortune Dreams

The Mega Fortune Dreams online slot actually has three different progressive jackpots. The first is called the Rapid jackpot, and it pays around €700 or so on average. There’s also a Major jackpot that averages paying out in the €70,000 range, and finally, players have the Mega jackpot, which is the one that was won for the recent €4.8 million prize.

What’s interesting to point out is that the Mega and Major jackpots are pooled by the entire network of casinos, but the Rapid jackpot is specific to the one casino it’s at.

A multi-stage bonus feature with different concentric wheels give you an opportunity to win any one of these three prizes, but you can also win static payouts worth as much as 1,500 times your total bet instead.

Record-breaking Jackpots

The Mega Jackpot that this lucky player was able to take down actually has a pretty important history. Before being very slightly beaten by Microgaming’s Mega Moolah’s top prize, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune top prize held the world record for the largest online gambling payout ever.

The average payout for this game’s top prize is in the range of €3.8 to €3.9 million, which means that the most recent payout was actually worth about a million more than average. That’s good news for the player, but it’s still well within what we see out of this jackpot several times each year.

The Draw of Progressive Jackpots

Something important to understand about the online slots world is that the pull of progressive jackpots is real. This is why games that were produced with what are now considered sub-par graphics that came on the scene a decade or more ago will still have massive fan bases of players who get in on the action on a regular basis.

Players love the opportunity to win a life-changing sum on a single spin.

The Mega Fortune Dreams slot is an updated version of the original Mega Fortune, and casinos are allowed to have one or the other but not both. This helps to keep things fresh for players while still offering the same opportunities to win life-changing jackpots.

The Legacy of Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune progressive jackpots are definitely leaving a lasting legacy on the online slots world. In the Mega Fortune Dreams online slot in particular, which we have reviewed extensively here, has shown that players can shoot for massive prizes without having to deal with dated graphics or concepts.

The gameplay is also super-solid all-around, and it has plenty of ways to win some pretty sizable payouts without relying exclusively on the progressives for good pays.