BitStarz Increases Prize Pools for Slot Wars and Table Wars

BitStarz Increases Prize Pools for Slot Wars and Table Wars ( Click to Enlarge )

The big weekly leaderboard events for BitStarz have seen their prize pools drastically increased. The Slot Wars event has been boosted to having a €5,000 prize pool while the Table Wars event has been kicked up to the €10,000 level, which gives players even more reasons to get in on the action with these promotions.

Bringing Players Leaderboard Tournament Action

Most players focus on bonuses when it comes to the value that they get from an online casino. A minority look further down the road at things like loyalty programs.

However, if you really want to get the full picture, you need to include other regular events as well.

A great example of this is the Slot Wars and Table Wars events at BitStarz, which give players leaderboard events that can give them cash, free spins and more. To make this event even more valuable, they’ve increased the prize pools by significant amounts, and this is a great time for players to hop in and get themselves in on the action while taking advantage of the other good bonuses and other promotions that this site has to offer.

Details on the New Prize Pools

If you want to get in on these events, you’ll find that the prize pools have been kicked up quite a bit. Now the Slot Wars event will pay out €5,000 each week in addition to a ton of free spins with the first place winner scoring €1,500 cash with no wagering requirements. The Table Wars prize pool has been increased to a whooping €10,000 with first place earning €3,000. This is also without wagering requirements.

These prize funds represent very large increases, and all of the cash prizes have been increased proportionately as a result. For example, players in the Table Wars event can earn €3,000 for first, €2,000 for second, €1000 for third and €25 for as low as 40th place. On the Slot Wars side, the distribution is the same with half-sized prizes, but a whole lot more players get prizes with 150 places paid thanks to free spin prizes added in as well.

How to Get Value From These Events

To get value from these events at BitStarz, you don’t have to do anything special. Instead, all you need to do is play real money games from the slots or table games categories, respectively, to earn points that will get you on the leaderboards. The higher you land on the leaderboard of your choice, the better your payouts will be. These numbers reset each week, and that means that players will get a whole lot of value with new chances to get ahead of the pack every seven days.

This is on top of the other bonuses and promotions that this casino has going on regularly. What’s really cool is that you can work on multiple promotions at the same time, and that means that your value is doubled, tripled or more as a result.

What BitStarz Brings to the Table

BitStarz is known for being one of the most popular online casinos that accepts bitcoin in the world. They have a tremendous game selection with hundreds of titles and coverage in every major genre, and this makes them a good stop for players who just want one casino to play with in the long run.

What’s more, and what you can see with the increase in the prize funds for the Slot Wars and Table Wars events, is that they keep their promotions updated and don’t let them stagnate over time. This means that you are constantly getting more value the longer you play with them, and they always have something new coming just around the corner.

If regular game releases from the top names in the world along with big promotions and awesome tournament events sound like a good time to you, then it could be the time for you to check out what BitStarz has to offer.