Easy Ways You Can Practice Responsible Online Gambling

Easy Ways You Can Practice Responsible Online Gambling

Different players have different ways of making sure they gamble responsibly. However, many people haven’t really ever thought about it much. In what follows, we’ll break down some easy ways you can practice responsible gambling online and what you should do if you think you may have an issue with problem gambling.

Practicing Responsible Online Gambling the Easy Way

Some small percentage of the population is prone to certain habits and thought processes that generally make gambling a bad idea for them. Getting those people help is of prime importance in the industry. However, sometimes these issues can be prevented before they start, which is something we’d like to focus on here.

Certain practices can help you to prevent problem gambling issues from happening in the first place.

The nature of the situation is this. Suppose you’ve played online casino games off and on for a few years. Additionally, you don’t feel like you’ve ever had a problem with it. At the same time, you realize that a lot of people who do have a compulsive gambling issue don’t realize it when they’re in the middle of it.

In this type of dynamic, it makes sense to be more careful than perhaps you have to be. You don’t necessarily have to take it to some extreme where you never play a single game ever. However, putting in place certain practices can help to keep you from falling onto that side of things. Additionally, if it does happen that you discover you may have an issue with gambling, these practices make it much easier to determine the validity of that and to break away from the games if you decide to.

To this end, we’re going to mention a number of practices you can take part in. We’ll group them together into sets that fit together as well so that you can find ideas that fit your particular situation and temperament the best.

Money Management Practices

The first place we think everyone should start with is money management. Really, we think everyone should do this anyway because it takes a small amount of effort to yield some pretty big results. Here we’ll share a few money management practices that can help you to stay responsible while enjoying your favorite games.

1. Start With Your Budget

We recommend starting with your budget as a whole. From there, you should consider gambling online an entertainment expense. If you end up taking down a big jackpot, that’s great, but we won’t be counting on that here. Instead, we suggest figuring out a weekly, biweekly or monthly amount that you plan on depositing to your accounts.

That amount should fit within your budget and not put you in some kind of financial bind. Additionally, this is largely what is meant by the expression about not gambling more than you can afford to lose.

If you start from the point of your budget as a whole, then you’re taking conscious steps to have control. Taking control at this level of the overall financial picture gives you all of the information you need as well. That means if you do have doubts about problem gambling, you have what you need to make a decision.

2. Use a Daily Stop-loss Amount

Another way to show discipline financially is to set a daily stop-loss amount. A daily stop-loss is an amount that you decide is the maximum you can lose in a day. However, if you lose that much or more, then on the bet that breaks the threshold, you stop playing completely for the rest of the day.

One of the hallmark signs of someone with problem gambling issues is that they can’t implement a stop-loss.

Additionally, you may find that you can’t maintain this type of limit for yourself. If that’s the case, then you should seriously consider that you may have some degree of issue with compulsive gambling.

On the other hand, if you have no problem maintaining a stop-loss, then it’s a good sign that you’re gambling responsibly. However, keeping this in place even if you don’t think you have problem gambling issues is still an important practice to keep a handle on everything so that it has less of a chance of ever getting out of control.

3. Let Your Bankroll Build With Smaller Wagers

For some reason, many players believe if they have a balance in their accounts that they don’t need to deposit. We understand the idea behind that. However, the problem with this is that some people trick themselves into running their account balances down so that they feel like it’s “okay” to make a deposit, take advantage of a bonus and so on.

This obviously defeats the purpose. As such, we recommend that players learn to be comfortable with having a running balance. Using smaller bet sizes is one way to do this. However, using your budgeted deposit to take advantage of a promotion or bonus is another.

Alternatively, if you decide that your account balance is sufficient and that you don’t want to deposit, you can budget that money for something else that week or month like savings or a special treat.

Session Management Practices

Outside of how you handle your funds, the other major area to look at is how you handle your sessions. Many players never think to manage things from this angle because it’s a bit less obvious. However, if you incorporate some of our suggestions, you’ll understand how much peace of mind it can give you.

1. Set a Timer for Your Sessions

We strongly recommend that everyone set a timer when they sit down to gamble online. Once this timer is up, you need to stop your game and do something else for a while. Even if you take a short break before getting back to it, that’s much better than just playing continuously for long periods of time.

There are two reasons for this suggestion. First, it’s simply more healthy to take regular breaks every 20 or 30 minutes when you’re doing anything in front of a screen. Second, it helps to avoid developing the feeling of not being able to stop playing.

Even if you’ve never had this feeling, it’s a good practice to actively cultivate the opposite. Additionally, proving to yourself regularly than you can get up and stop playing without issue can give a lot of peace of mind to players who might be self-conscious about their play sometimes.

2. Log Your Sessions in a Spreadsheet

Of all of the practices we have suggested here, this one probably takes the most work. However, that work involves maybe 30 seconds added on to the length of your sessions. That means it’s not really that much of a bother compared to the help it can give you.

Our recommendation here is to use a simple spreadsheet to log your sessions. You simply want columns for the date, start time, end time, games you played and change in balance.

It’s worth noting that a lot of gambling sites will do this for you automatically.

If this is the case, we want to make sure that you check it regularly. This gives you direct feedback so that you can see how much you’re playing.

The thing to understand, however, is that this is simply about keeping yourself accountable. It’s difficult to remember back on how much you actually played because we don’t always perceive time very well. However, when you have it in black and white, it gives a lot more clarity to the situation.

What to Do If You Want Help

Every single online casino, bingo room, poker room and sportsbook licensed in a reputable jurisdiction has a protocol for getting help for people who ask for it. They typically offer services like self-exclusion and self-imposed deposit limits as well. We suggest taking advantage of these types of resources first because traditional support groups aren’t always accessible for everyone.

If you can find online support groups that fit what you’re looking for, we definitely recommend that you look into those as well. It’s much easier to talk about this with people who know what you may be going through.

Aside from that, you can look up the local Gambling Anonymous chapter depending on where you’re located. The NHS offers help with the National Gambling Helpline in the United Kingdom, and GamCare is another organization that helps with problem gambling. Virtually every country and region has compulsive gambling support that’s available, and they try to make themselves as accessible as possible.

In this way, you should know that help is there, and all you have to do is seek it out. However, they’ve also made this help as easy to use as they can so that players from all over can get the help that they need.