How Players Can Effectively Choose From All of the Newest Online Slots

How Players Can Effectively Choose From All of the Newest Online Slots

Fans of online slots have a big problem right now. While it’s a great problem to have, they have so many new titles in front of them on a regular basis that it’s impossible to get to all of them. Here we break down the best practices for you to sort through and pick out the best options for you as an individual.

A Good Problem to Have: Too Many Choices When Picking From New Online Slots

Sometimes we have problems as human beings that can make us feel a bit silly. Generally speaking, people can call these “good problems to have.” For slot players, they’re running into one of those types of problems due to the current nature of the market.

A whole lot of strong developers put out so many games that it’s difficult to choose between the most recent slot releases.

Funny enough, this type of problem has been studied quite a bit in a variety of contexts. However, we’re not sure that it has ever been applied to this type of game selection.

In light of this, we want to bring attention to a number of issues that are tied into this problem that players can deal with. While it may seem like a light-hearted issue, it can actually cause some players serious distress if they don’t have healthy ways to manage the situation. Here we want to offer some ideas and conceptual breakdowns to prevent this from being a problem for as many slot fans as possible.

Understanding the Moving Parts of the New Slot Selection Issue

We have a few concepts we want to introduce and break down a bit before we get into practical solutions. When you understand these “moving parts,” it makes understanding the whole a lot easier. Additionally, some players may have more of an issue with some aspects of the situation than others. By breaking everything down into these component pieces, it allows you to formulate a personalized strategy for yourself. In this way, managing the issue of picking from the newest slots avoids the “one size fits all” type solutions that can be entirely too generalized to be useful.

The Killer of Joy: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Of all of the components of this situation that we want to discuss, we think that “FOMO” may be the one most readers are already familiar with. It’s talked about a lot in the context of social media, for example.

Fear of missing out is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of being able to enjoy the task at hand, your mind is completely preoccupied with this nebulous idea of what you may be missing out on.

To give an example, imagine that you have a game in front of you that you really enjoy. It has the theme and concepts you like, and it has really engaging gameplay. However, imagine also that instead of being able to enjoy that title, you were constantly nagged in your head that you might have a slightly better time in some other game that you haven’t tried yet.

This is the essence of the fear of missing out. Additionally, with so many new slot titles coming out all the time, you can see how it’s a fear that can easily come up.

The Paralysis (and Paradox) of Choice

In a variety of studies that are easily found online, you can see what happens when people have too many options to choose from. With the food service industry in particular, lots of studies and practical examples can be given of customers choosing fewer food items (if they even choose at all) when the number of available options increases.

This is a bit anti-intuitive. We are generally made to think that having more options means people can choose the best choice for themselves. However, that’s only true up to a certain point.

If you have three new games to pick from, for example, it’s easy to isolate which of the three seems like the best fit for you as an individual. However, if you have to suddenly pick from 100 new titles, it’s a completely different task. The nature of the situation changes because we, as human beings, get very caught up in the fear of missing out.

Put another way, the more options we have, the more we engage with our FOMO.

This leads to the paralysis of choice in that players will ultimately have a hard time choosing a game to pick at all to actually sit down and play for a bit. Additionally, this is also sometimes called the paradox of choice because it seems paradoxical that having more options would lead someone to make a choice a smaller percentage of the time.

New Release Fatigue: The Pressure to Try New Things

At any online casino with slots, you’ll see the newest games showcased the most. That makes sense from a promotional standpoint and just from the perspective of letting players know that something new is available that they may not have previously known about. However, it also creates a different kind of problem for certain types of players.

When a new release is shown to players, many of them will feel a bit of a pressure to try it simply because it’s new. This is a variation of the fear of missing out. However, it also comes as a function of how our society often makes fun of people who simply stick to their favorites. For a common example, you can see how people are often pressured to try new foods instead of sticking to the things they enjoy the most already.

Since the catalog of new releases is constantly updating, this fatigue can become overwhelming. It’s an interesting situation for sure, and again, it’s a good problem to have so many new games to pick from all the time. However, for some players, it can often seem like more of a problem than it’s worth.

Shifting From Problems to Solutions: How to Pick the Best New Slots for You

So far, we’ve broken down a lot of the problems that come from having so many great choices to pick from. At this point, however, we’re going to shift gears a bit. Now we want to look at some solutions that players can try and adjustments they can make to their thinking to help avoid these types of problems.

Strategy #1: Simply Stick to Your Favorites

Some players don’t really care that much about trying new titles. It’s just not something that actually appeals to them that much. However, they can still feel like they are pressured to try new games. Additionally, some players may even feel guilty because they don’t take part in the way they feel like they “should.”

The solution here is to simply ignore what other people might think you should play. Instead, go with the titles that you already enjoy as a default. If you decide on your own to seek out something different because your favorites aren’t doing it for you anymore, that’s completely fine. However, it should never be because you feel pressured by some sense of feeling guilt for playing the same games.

Strategy #2: Know Your Own Preferences Really Well

With so many new titles coming out all the time, it may feel like you need to try them all. The idea behind this feeling is that trying them all could allow you to find which ones you like. However, that would take up a tremendous amount of time. Moreover, that would be time taken away from playing games, like the above, that you already know that you enjoy.

One way out of this bind is to simply be really in tune with what you enjoy. Knowing the types of formats, themes and feature sets you like can make it much easier to pick out which titles from a batch of new slots that you’re the most likely to enjoy. Accordingly, it drops down the number of new titles to try. When you take this approach, you effectively engage with a process of elimination. By eliminating the games that you probably won’t like based on your preferences, you never have to try them in the first place.

Strategy #3: Trust Expert Reviews

A third solution, and the one that will probably be the easiest for most players, is to simply trust expert slot reviews. We actually provide reviews of nearly all new, upcoming slots with a quick breakdown of what you can expect. On the one hand, we’ll show you the graphics, themes and concepts. However, we also break down each and every feature and game mechanic so that you know exactly what to expect.

By getting into the details of these games in this way, it helps you to get a feel for them. What’s more is that you can gain this feel without having to jump in and do your own research. We know doing this can take a lot of time, and players want to put what time they have into actually playing. Accordingly, this can save you that time and get you in front of the games you love quicker and easier.

Finding Your Own Solution

Once you understand which aspects of the situation affect you the most, you can form up a personalized solution. The fear of missing out is a very serious issue in the information age. However, you can combat it using a mix of the three strategies we have broken down up above. As a result, you can skip past the titles you won’t be interested in. Additionally, you can find details on the slots you’ll probably like. All of this combines to make for a much smoother and enjoyable experience.