How to Combine Fitness and Casino Fun

How to Combine Fitness and Casino Fun

No matter who you are, it can be difficult sometimes to get up and be active. However, it’s possible to combine fitness and casino fun to get the best of both worlds. Here we offer some suggestions on how to put together a routine that’s fun and exciting with your favorite games.

Incorporating Casino Fun Into a Fitness Routine

We like outside of the box answers to problems that come at us on a regular basis. One such problem is that of being active when all you really want to do is not much of anything. We have an atypical solution that can work for a lot of people for this problem.

It’s possible to combine casino play with fitness to pass the time and have a great experience while being active.

There are two sides to this idea. The first is the exercises themselves and how to go about them. This includes how to incorporate them into the casino aspect of the situation. The second is how to structure your routine as a whole so that it stays fun instead of boring. In what follows, we’ll break down both sides of this coin and give you some ideas to think about.

Casino-centric Exercise Ideas

The basic idea with these exercises is that you’re going to have your favorite online casino open and available. You’re going to interface your activities with what you do in the games you play. In this way, it all comes together to be one activity instead of being separated into “fun” and “not fun.” The idea is to make the routine as a whole fun so that you feel better about being active.

The following exercises are some examples of what you can do to make that work. You’re not limited to these, however. Instead, they’re here to give you ideas so that you can develop your own routine.

Slot Spin Intervals

This is a great option for any exercise where putting in volume is what you’re after. Here are the rules for how you could potentially do push-up slot intervals:

  1. Bring up your favorite online slot or one that fits however you’re feeling that day.
  2. You earn a spin by doing five push-ups. You can do them at whatever speed you want, and that includes taking a moment between them if needed.
  3. Once you finish those five, you can take a spin on the given slot. As a bonus, if that spin is a winner or triggers a feature, you get to spin again.
  4. Continue this process over and over until you reach a target of a certain number of total push-ups. Going for 100 total while doing five at a time is a good example of how this could work.

For a fun variation on this, you can stagger the number of push-ups needed per spin. For example, perhaps you need eight push-ups for the first two, seven for the second two, six for the third two and so on. This compensates for the fact that your arms will get tired over time.

Other exercises that you could do this with include pretty much anything that uses body weight and reps. A variety of squat and push-ups variations are available. You can even do planks or wall sits for a certain number of seconds if you want to have a timer available as well, and you can even mix different exercises together to do split sets.

Blackjack Mini Sessions

Blackjack is a game where it’s difficult to play just one hand at a time. This is because you usually need to get into a bit of a rhythm with it. The following approach is great for games that you’d prefer to play for multiple bets in a row.

The idea here is to set up miniature sessions that you break in and out to perform your exercises.

  1. You start off by doing some number of reps or an amount of time with an exercise.
  2. From there, you get to start a mini session of the game. We’ll say it’s blackjack.
  3. Your mini session starts off with both a stop-loss and stop-win amount. A good stop-loss is about three to five wagers worth. A good stop-win is a bit more at maybe five to eight wagers worth.
  4. For this example, we’ll say the stop-loss is five, and the stop-win is eight.
  5. If you get behind by five units, your mini session is over. Likewise, if you get up by eight or more units, you’ll also stop.
  6. A timer is set at the beginning of the mini session to bring you out of it if you don’t hit either of these limits in time, and you can set that relative to whatever your chosen exercise and ability happen to be.
  7. Your goal is to spend a total amount of time on the routine or a total amount of reps.

This allows you to mix things up a bit and be more flexible than just doing single sets of reps. Since your breaks will be longer here, you’ll probably want to save this for something more strenuous. We suggest things like burpees, jogging in place, jumping jacks or some other type of cardio for this. If you have the leg strength for it, doing something like Hindu squats or hack squats for the cardio aspect can work as well.

We like this approach for cardio because of the interval training aspect of it. It’ll also make you more mentally sharp since you’ll have to focus with your heart beating harder than usual. That makes it perfect for games like video poker, blackjack or casino poker with more complicated strategies involved.

Card Toss Poker

Pick two exercises that require reps. A good pairing would be for two different parts of the body. This could be something like push-ups and squats. However, the combination of something like sit ups and burpees could also work.

You start with a deck of cards after you’ve shuffled them. You pull a card, and its color and rank will tell you two things. First, the color tells you which exercise you do. For example, red could be for push-ups while black could be for squats. Next, the rank tells you how many reps to do.

Between each card, you’ll play five hands of a given casino poker or video poker game. Each hand you win adds one to your total, so you’re essentially playing until you lose five times. If you go on a winning streak, then you could end up having several hands in a row before the next card is tossed.

The key to making this approach work is customizing it to fit what you’re looking for. Here are some ideas:

  • Having four exercises based on suits can be a fun alternative.
  • You want to have a timer set and to work through the deck for that amount of time. However, you can also just try to get through the entire deck if you want.
  • Adjusting the difficulty of this to match what you’re up for is critical. One option is to choose “wild cards” that ultimately just mean that you get five more poker hands to play.
  • Another variation on the “wild card” theme is that you draw one more card, but you get to choose the exercise instead of going by the color or rank of that card. The number of reps, however, will be based on that next card’s rank.
  • Alternatively, you can pick a card that gives you a break instead of doing reps. For example, aces could give you a two-minute break where you just sit and breathe.

The randomization factor of this one makes it great for players who get bored easily. The variety of exercises that you can work into this is a pretty big feature as well.

Putting Together Your Casino Workout Routine

You need two key pieces of information before you start trying to put together your routine. The first thing you need to know is which games you want to play. The second is the exercises that you want to perform. The idea is to figure out how to mix and match these to offer fun and variety so that you actually want to do them over and over again.

While you’re free to come up with your own ideas, here’s how to put together a basic routine:

  • Use the intervals idea for exercises where you want to do reps over a period of time with lower weight. Sit-ups are a good example for this.
  • Mini sessions are better for cardio-based exercises. They’re also the best option for things that are difficult to get in and out of like planks.
  • The card deck tossing idea is good for combining a few different types of exercises into a general workout. It can actually stand alone and be its own thing, or you can make it a part of a larger routine.

One thing you need to focus on is trying to make this fit what you’re looking for as an individual. You should also include rest periods so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Finally, make sure to make it fun since that’s the entire point of incorporating the casino side of things.


A creative mind can come up with a lot of variations on the basic ideas that we have outlined above. That’s exactly what we’re going for here. You don’t need to follow any of the above exactly as it’s laid out, though you’re completely welcome to do so if you want. Instead, we want to give you ideas to think about on your own to come up with fun ways to keep fit.