How to Create Your Own Social Casino and Gambling Experience

How to Create Your Own Social Casino and Gambling Experience

In the past, we have been very critical of how the online casino industry does not incorporate enough social elements. To help players navigate this reality of the situation, here we break down our suggestions on how to create your own social interactions and community within the context of a shared joy of playing casino games online.

An Introduction to Building Your Own Social Groups in Online Casinos

A whole lot of great things have come from the online gambling revolution that started in the mid-1990s. Players from all over have access to games that they would have never been able to play for real money three decades ago. However, one of the downsides is that the social interactions that came from land-based casinos have been lost.

Since online casinos generally don’t care to help players with that, we will teach you how to create those social interactions yourself.

In the following, we will break down some ideas and methods for you to use to this end. While we make very few specific suggestions, we do want you to use this information to come up with your own gameplan that fits what you’re looking for specifically.

Our purpose here is pretty simple. For one, we want to give you some information that you can use to build the level of social interaction that you prefer. Additionally, we want to give you some ideas to think about on your own instead of just giving you ideas to “copy and paste,” so to speak.

The Basics to Keep In Mind About Social Casino Play

Before we jump into specific ideas for recruiting players to join you and so on, we want to present to you a few key basics to keep in mind.

  1. You need a way to communicate. This will not always be possible through the casino’s software (thus the problem). Therefore, having other avenues of communication set up first and foremost are key.
  2. If you end up playing games like poker where you’re against each other, avoid talking about hands in progress. This is considered cheating, and sites have ways to check for this type of collusion.
  3. Make sure that moderation options are available for your communication methods of choice. This gives you the ability to get rid of problem players if need be.

Aside from these basics, we have some tips and techniques for you in the practical sense. In the following, we’ll walk you through how to get a group together (or join an existing group), some ideas on how to make the group functional and how to keep things going smoothly with the people you play with.

Step 1: Getting a Group Together

Each type of player is different. For example, some players want as little social interaction as possible just to give you an idea. For everyone else, however, you can find them in different places. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is pitch the idea of having a group to talk with, and a lot of people will want to join. There is a serious demand for this type of friendship and communication because of the lack of the social aspect being met with modern online casinos.

Groups on social media already exist for players and gamblers in general. A good example of that could be Reddit, and another would be various message boards. You can find similar groups on social networking sites like Facebook as well.

One option is to simply go in and join existing groups and to try to get those people to play with you and so on. However, another option is to start your own group and to use these avenues to recruit.

Step 2: Giving Them a Reason to Play Together

Once you have some people interested, and you’re getting a bit of momentum, you want to keep it going. These groups tend to have people “fall off” and not join in at a pretty rapid pace. To fight this off, you need to give them a reason to play together.

For some people, this is simply friendship and wanting social interaction. As such, relying on the message boards or social media group channels for communication may not be enough. That’s because those avenues don’t always provide a good enough way for people to communicate with each other in the moment as they’re actually playing. Additionally, they sometimes lack critical features like private messaging and so on.

Therefore, you can use an instant chat service to create these group messages and ongoing private messages to facilitate the type of social environment people are looking for. However, that may not be enough to keep them playing together. You may have to organize a bit more than that to get everyone on the same page.

Step 3: Consider Creating Events for the Group

One option is to create events for the group. The way you do this is pretty simple. Suppose you come up with a simple tournament concept where everyone puts in €10 apiece. This gives people a reason to play together, and you can come up with ways to make sure it’s fair. Additionally, this gives the players something to talk about and stay interested in. When you develop and cultivate this type of shared interest, it keeps the group active.

A whole lot of different events like this can be done. For example, we mentioned a type of tournament above. You can make this as simple or as complicated as you want, but we think staying on the simple side of things will yield the best results. That’s because people just want the tournament to be a reason to play. However, once they’re there, they want to be able to focus on actually playing and chatting with friends.

Taking advantage of promotions together is another way to get people together. It’s a fun way of adding a little competition to the mix without directly facing off with each other. For example, you can do things like see who can make the most off of a specific bonus offer.

Another simple option is to simply have a certain time each week that you get together in a group chat and play together. Video chat software makes this even more interesting because you can stream your screen and yourself at the same time. This allows players to share their wins with each other more along the lines of what you’d see in a traditional social casino setting.

Step 4: Remember to Continue to Build

You need to understand that any type of group like this eventually falls apart. Slowly but surely, players will have other things they want to do instead. Others may simply lose interest in playing overall. To combat this, you have to continue to build even after you have a set group of players.

In short, the easiest way to do this is the same way you got the group going in the first place. However, you can slow down a bit once you have a steady set of players. Additionally, you don’t have to be as aggressive with getting more people to join up with the types of events, group chats and so on that you have organized.

With that said, some amount of growth does need to happen to simply keep a steady number of players in the group. It doesn’t have to be a done of pushing for growth, but it does have to exist.


The bottom line is that you can build your own type of social environment for gambling online. Even though the sites themselves don’t seem too interested in doing it for you, the tools exist for it to be done. If you follow the steps and ideas we have laid out above, then you can have success in this area.