How to More Safely Share Your Online Casino Wins on Social Media

How to More Safely Share Your Online Casino Wins on Social Media

The online gambling industry pushes for more social media interaction each year. This includes offering tools to encourage players to share their big wins. However, doing so can open you up to certain security risks, which we’ll show you how to avoid.

Sharing Wins on Social Media: Security and Safety

In our always-connected world, people use social media to share just about everything in their lives. This includes situations where they take down sizable wins when playing in online casinos. While this inclination to brag and celebrate is normal, some players can accidentally get themselves in trouble with it.

This is because certain types of shady individuals are always looking for a target to go after.

A lot of information can be given in even standardized posts about wins. This is especially the case when that information is paired with what they know from your social media profile. As a result, it can sometimes be enough to turn you into a target for shady activity online.

However, we have measures that you can take to avoid the downside of this sort of thing. If you follow the tips and ideas that we lay out in the following, then you’ll be able to share and brag about your payouts in a much safer way.

Paying Attention to Your Email Address

When it comes to securing your online casino accounts, the number one piece of information that you should hide (other than your password) is your email address. If someone knows your email used for your gambling accounts, it opens up several attack options. Additionally, consider if you happen to use the same email for that as you do for your social media. Since your account’s email address is frequently listed with your social media profile information, it basically just hands it over to anyone who cares to look.

Because of this, you should not use the same email address for social media that you use for gambling accounts. Additionally, your online casino email address will be something you never use for anything else overall. If shady people don’t know that a particular email address exists, then they can’t use it to try to get into your account. This is the type of preventative security measure that’s needed in the age of social media.

The Same Issue With Usernames

At some casinos online, you’ll log into your account with a username. Unfortunately, a lot of people use the same username for as many accounts as they can. If you use that name for a social media account, and then you share a big win at a casino, you can run into the same type of problem. The idea here is that someone knowing your username means they can try to get into your account.

The easiest solution with this is to simply not use the same username with your casino account. However, if you really wanted to take this to the next level, you’d use different usernames at different sites. That’s a bit much for some people to keep up with, however, and we understand that concern.

In light of this, our recommendation is simple and straightforward. We suggest using a username (and email) for your casino accounts that you don’t use anywhere else. If you do this, it will put up a serious information barrier between your accounts and potential attackers.

Password Problems

Even if you use a different email and/or screen name for your casino play, you should use a different password. The reason for this is really easy to see once you understand how these types of attacks can work.

Data leaks happen somewhat regularly for major online companies. A simple search engine query will show countless examples of financial institutions, social media companies, online shopping sites and other places having user data leaked or stolen. However, this frequently includes combinations of email addresses, names and passwords.

What makes this worse is that leaks like this are rarely reported on when they happen. It’s not that someone is necessarily trying to hide the leak, however. Instead, it can simply be because they don’t know a leak has happened yet. Because of this, hackers and other shady characters could be trading your data back and forth right now without anyone knowing.

That’s the type of attack you want to think about when it comes to password protection. In the following, we’ll spell out a scenario to show just how serious these attackers can be. However, when you have an idea of what their angles are, it’s much easier to stop them.

An Example Attack Using a Data Leak

Suppose you post a big win on one of the major social media platforms. First off, this makes you a target since it shows you probably have more money in your account than usual. What’s more is that these posts, if you use the share button from casinos themselves, have certain patterns to them. It’s trivially easy for someone with programming experience to write a script that will automatically find recent posts like these using these patterns, and that creates a set of potential targets that an attacker can go down like a grocery list.

For each target, they can then go in and see if their username, email, first name and last name are available. Additionally, information like the city they’re located in can be used to narrow down the search. This information is then cross referenced in databases of leaked personal information and account details. For example, consider if someone with the same name and city had a password on one site. Chances are that it’s the same password for their casino accounts if they aren’t careful.

Additionally, this approach can also be used to find someone’s email address even if it’s not on social media. That’s another reason why using a different email is so important.

All of this research is then compiled together in a shortlist of potential candidates to attack. It could offer their common usernames, email addresses and passwords in an easy to use list. Again, for a hacker type, this is like going down a grocery list.

What to Do About These Types of Attacks

The thing to realize is that sharing wins on social media does two important things. First, it shows that you’re a potential target to begin with. That’s because you’re likely to have more funds in your account than you otherwise would. Second, it lets the world know that you have an account at the site to begin with, a specific target.

You can help with the first issue by not leaving too much money in your account. This is a preventative measure that helps to avoid situations where someone is able to get in. However, this isn’t necessarily something that all players will care to do. In any event, having more money in your account than you intend to use probably isn’t for the best either.

With the second issue, you have to lock down your information as much as possible. This includes usernames, emails and passwords. In the above, we’ve offered a variety of different ways to achieve this. Additionally, we’ve shown various ways that these attacks can happen to give players an understanding of why securing this information is so critical.

The bottom line is that, for better or worse, some people are always going to try to lie, cheat and steal. Additionally, with anything that involves money online, that will be a place where people try to steal from. However, with a bit of preventative work, you can stop the majority of these attacks before they can really start.