The Nature of Mobile Casino Play

For the better part of the past decade, online casinos have been dominated by mobile players. In fact, at most of the top online casinos today, there are more wagers placed via mobile than using computer or desktop clients when it comes to slots, and the table game market is closer to being cornered each year.

Despite the fact that so many players are getting in on the action in this way, the fact of the matter is that there are still a lot of players making critical mistakes with how they go about it.

What we want to do here is give you some practical tips that you can use to make sure that you have the best experience that you can have. These tips will cover a range of different areas, but they all compound to give players as much value and enjoyment as they can get.

Safety and Security

These tips are about player safety and keeping your personal information and financial details out of the hands of shady individuals.

Tip #1: Use a dedicated email account that isn’t logged in on your device.

What’s probably the most common way that people get into your casino accounts and compromise your balance is by getting into your email used to create your account. If they have control of that email account, then they can often use the “forgot my password” option to simply reset your password and then go to town on your account.

You can avoid this vulnerability if they don’t ever have a chance to know what your email account is. Don’t use this account for anything else so that no one will have a chance to see it, and keep it logged out on your phone so that if your phone is lost or stolen, you haven’t just handled them the keys to the proverbial kingdom.

Tip #2: Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks when playing.

It’s pretty easy to go around and find public Wi-Fi networks that will allow you to connect and play from your phone or tablet or other mobile device. However, we strongly recommend against it.

Someone who is good with computers can get your account information or other personal details if they have control of the Wi-Fi connection that you’re using, especially if it’s not secured otherwise or if your connection is not encrypted.

Even if they can’t see your username and password, they can see which websites and domains you’re accessing. Once they see you accessing the domain for an online casino or other type of site for gambling, then you have marked yourself as a target, and they can start planning other ways to try to compromise your account.

Tip #3: Do not set your phone to automatically log in.

If you do play from a mobile device, you should absolutely never, under any circumstances, have it set so that it automatically logs into your account. Preferably, you’d also have a different password or pin number to get into your phone or tablet in the first place to provide two layers of security.

Imagine a scenario where you do not have any kind of password or pin protection on your phone, and you have your casino account automatically log in. All it will take is for someone to steal your device for them to be able to log in and clean out your funds with no resistance whatsoever.

If you really want an added bonus, if you have your email account for your casino account logged in, then they can change your password to make it even more difficult for you to regain control of your accounts.

Bonuses and Promotions

The way that deposit bonuses and promotional deals are handled for mobile players is often a bit different than how it’s handled for people on desktop clients, and here we’ll show you how to take advantage.

Tip #4: Always look for a mobile-specific bonus instead of a regular one.

Something that’s really cool about playing in mobile casinos is that they generally have better bonus opportunities than what you can find if you’re primarily a desktop player. You’ll often find, however, that the bonuses offered specifically to mobile players have better terms and conditions, particularly when it comes to wagering requirements.

The reason for this is that the casinos feel like players won’t take on long play-through requirements via mobile since they tend to play for shorter sessions and jump around more when it comes to game selection.

The end result is that they try to attract mobile casino fans with promotions and deals that are centered around this style of play, which means lower wagering requirements and overall better specials for players.

Tip #5: Never play real money games without some type of bonus being worked on.

Following up right behind Tip #4, keep in mind that not all sites will have mobile casino bonuses specifically, and some will only have them on a part-time basis. When that’s the case, you want to make sure that you’re playing in a way that’s working off wagering requirements for some type of bonus either way.

The reason for this is simple: It’s money that will be paid to your account for playing games that you would have been playing anyway. If you don’t take this particular tip to heart, then you’re throwing money away for no good reason whatsoever.

Tip #6: Pick one site with a good loyalty program, and stick with it over the long run.

Something that most mobile players may or may not know about themselves is that they tend to be fickle. Mobile fans in general skip around to different sites more often than desktop-only players do, and that puts them in a position where they can’t really take advantage of the value that comes along with loyalty programs.

The way these VIP clubs and other types of deals work is that you earn points by playing that you can redeem for bonuses, cash, special prizes or whatever else. The longer you stay in the club, the more points you’re awarded for the same amount of play and the more value you get.

When you stay at one casino for the long run, that puts you in a position to get the most value that you can from these types of programs.

Other General Tips

These tips don’t belong in any specific category, but they are good things to know and keep in mind when playing casino games via mobile regardless.

Tip #7: Track your deposits, withdrawals and other transactions in a simple mobile spreadsheet.

There are tons of free spreadsheet programs that work really well on mobile devices, even if they have a screen that’s on the small side. We strongly recommend using one of these apps like Google Docs to track your deposits, withdrawals and other financial transactions for your own records.

The reason for this is really simple: It’s incredibly easy to forget that you made a deposit or a withdrawal from your phone or tablet while you’re out and about, and this makes it really easy to keep up with for future reference. It only takes a moment to jot down as well, so even if you don’t need to use it as a reference, it won’t really waste any significant time.

Tip #8: Check in from your desktop account on the same site occasionally.

It’s worth it to log in from your computer, even if you don’t plan on playing, just to see what’s new. Sometimes you’ll find promotions or other things going on that you won’t see so easily from the mobile version of a casino’s software, and that can give you extra value that you would have missed out on otherwise.

Alternatively, you may find out about new games or types of games that weren’t displayed where you could easily see them on the mobile client. Either way, taking a couple of minutes to poke around once in a while can be a big asset in giving you a better overall experience.


These eight tips that we have given you above can all help you to get more out of your mobile casino play. We love helping players to have more fun and get more value out of the games that they were going to play anyway while staying safe and secure, and that’s exactly what these tips and tricks will help you to do.