Blueprint Gaming Sees Larger Foothold in Latin America With Salsa Technology Deal

Blueprint Gaming Sees Larger Foothold in Latin America With Salsa Technology Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

The Latin American markets are a big deal right now, and Blueprint Gaming is pushing hard there. A new deal with Salsa Technology has given them a tremendous increase in influence in the region. As a result, they’ll have access to a lot of new players with their games in more casinos than before.

Salsa Technology Inks Distribution Deal With Blueprint Gaming

The methods through which online casino software companies expand are numerous. However, the approach that’s probably the most important right now for overall growth is targeting emerging markets. That’s exactly what’s happening in Latin America right now.

Blueprint Gaming has been targeting the region for these reasons, and their latest deal shows just how serious they are about expansion there.

This comes as they have signed a distribution deal with Salsa Technology. As a result of this deal, they’ll be able to expand in this part of the world. While we’ll get into the details of this deal below, what’s really important to note is that this is a key part of an overall strategy they have been pushing on for quite a while, and it’s clear that they have been serious about getting their games in front of more players in the region as a part of a long-term business strategy.

What’s Involved in This Deal

The first thing to know about this deal is that it covers a pretty substantial portion of the region. Salsa Technology will be offering the lineup of slots from Blueprint Gaming. Additionally, this includes more than 35 different operators in Latin America. That’s a pretty good degree of coverage considering it’s all just from one deal.

This agreement includes all current titles. However, it also includes all future titles for the duration of the distribution agreement. That means that Latin American players will be able to get consistent updates through Blueprint Gaming in the form of some of the best online slots being released in the entire industry.

The LatAm region has seen a huge increase in online gambling over the past few years. Deals like this one with major players pushing for distribution agreements is a big part of why that’s the case.

Understanding Blueprint Gaming’s Position

A few key things need to be noted that Blueprint Gaming stands to gain thanks to this deal:

  1. They expand their reach in terms of getting their games out to more casinos. That’s always going to be a good thing for a software company.
  2. The percentage of new players they get from this is very high. Most players who will be affected by this have never played Blueprint Gaming’s titles before.
  3. Additionally, it deepens their foothold in the region. They had some minor coverage there before, but this is a major move.

As you can see, their position on this is very straightforward. They’re able to get a serious boost in new players in an important emerging market, and it all comes from a single deal.

The Role of Salsa Technology

Salsa Technology is a pretty serious online operator. They have dozens of sites they run, and they’re able to offer players over 4,000 titles. These games come from over 60 software developers, which shows they have pushed hard to make serious deals with some of the best names in the world. Additionally, this shows that Blueprint Gaming is in good company.

Another thing to understand is that Salsa Technology has been exploding in popularity. Over the past few years, they’ve multiplied the number of these deals they have by serious levels. Everything about them just absolutely screams that they’re trying to take over as much of the market as they can.

For these reasons, they’re the perfect partner with Blueprint Gaming considering this developer’s aggressive expansion.

Ultimately a Win-Win

This is ultimately a win-win situation. Blueprint Gaming is able to extend their reach in the region and get their games in front of new players. Additionally, Salsa Technology boosts their offering and gets new games for quite a while. However, it’s ultimately the players in the region who we think win the most from this deal.