BlueRibbon Software Added to Casumo for New Jackpots and More

BlueRibbon Software Added to Casumo for New Jackpots and More ( Click to Enlarge )

The popular online casino brand Casumo has been making moves over the past six months to expand their portfolio more than ever before, and their most recent deal in that direction comes from a new agreement with BlueRibbon Software. Instead of being focused on adding games with this deal, however, it’s adding other tools to enhance the experience for players.

BlueRibbon Teams Up With Casumo

Over the past several years as mobile gaming has become more popular in the online casino industry and as more and more people use social media networks, we’ve seen very limited amounts of integration between these two industries.

With a new deal between Casumo and BlueRibbon Software, there could be some serious inroads made in this particular direction.

There’s a term used in the overall online software industry as a whole of being a “disrupter,” meaning that an idea or product causes a fundamental shift in how a certain part of an industry works. What both parties are hoping is that this deal will be a serious move in that direction in the Internet casino industry in general but for Casumo in particular.

Put another way, they want to offer a set of tools to enhance the experience of players in ways that haven’t really been done on a large scale before now.

The Tools Involved in This Deal

There are a few different tools that will be used as a part of this deal. A lot of it comes down to enhancing the loyalty aspect of the experience for players at Casumo with extra rewards based on a smarter usage and management of data.

What this means from a practical standpoint is that they have more ways to not only give players extra value and rewards but to allow them to share those rewards and their own achievements with others. The two main effects of this are that it has been shown to increase the length of time that a player stays with the same casino (a major issue in the online industry as player loyalty is virtually non-existent) and that it also allows players to enjoy games with their friends much easier.

Gamification is the order of the day overall, with more ways for players to enjoy themselves and deepen their levels of immersion all while having an incredible amount of fun and taking their chances to land some major jackpots.

Enhanced Jackpots, Tournaments and More

One specific product that has been mentioned is the idea of specific jackpots that are available in certain games just for specific players who meet certain conditions. What these conditions are haven’t been released yet as it’ll likely vary from one prize to the next, but with BlueRibbon’s data management services that they will be providing here, it could be anything from a certain number of bets placed in a game in a given timeframe or people who regularly share their wins on social media.

Casumo is also looking to expand on their already existing Reel Races slot tournaments series that allows players to go head to head against each other in individual and group competition to see who can come out first. These events add new levels to the overall feel of the game thanks to how it allows players to go against each other instead of only trying to take on the house.

The social factor overall is also something that’s being addressed with this deal to some extent. Land-based casinos have a major advantage in that the social aspect of play is a big part of the experience as a whole, and that’s something that the online sector hasn’t really caught up to. This new deal adds in new social opportunities for players that tie into marketing efforts and general inclusion and communication.

Casumo Pushes Forward

With so many different online casino brands, there’s a lot of competition. However, with a ton of names in the game, that just makes it even more important to break out of the pack, which is exactly what Casumo has been doing. With the work that they’ll be able to do thanks to this new agreement with BlueRibbon Software, we’re really excited to see what they come up with next.