Brexit And The UK Online Casinos Industry

Brexit And The UK Online Casinos Industry ( Click to Enlarge )

Brexit has imposed a great deal of uncertainty on all industries in Britain, including the gambling industry. If you are an online gambler actively involved in using EU online casinos or a UK online casino owner that operates in the EU, things could get a little disappointing for you. Brexit is threatening online gambling as you know it in the UK.

No Deal A Big Deal?

Unsure of what Brexit will mean for online gambling? The biggest worry for online casino sites in the UK is that a “no deal” Brexit will end up excluding many of the UK online casinos from the European market. This is thanks to the rules set in place by the World Trade Organisation. What does that mean for these online casinos? Will they have to shut their virtual doors in Europe? Very possibly.

Online casinos in the UK will undoubtedly be affected by new tax rules and legislation when Brexit finally goes through in March 2019. And that is just the start of it all.


In order for an online casino to operate in the UK, it must be registered and licensed with the UK Gambling Commission. Gamblers wanting to check if their online casino of choice is legal and licensed can check their details on the Gambling Commission website. Brexit won’t just affect online casinos with servers in the UK. It will also affect UK gamblers who like to use European gambling sites. Their access might come to an end.

Things look bleak for future Poker tournaments too.

With poker sites being unable to operate outside of the UK, future poker tournaments could be dismal. Profits of the online poker operators are set to take a dive as fewer players will enter tournaments, resulting in lower prizes.

No one can say for sure just how Brexit will affect online casinos in the UK, but online gamblers and casino owners alike are concerned that the effect will be negative (and costly).