Casumo Casino Adds Playtech Live Dealer and Other Games

Casumo Casino Adds Playtech Live Dealer and Other Games ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal has Playtech offering their live dealer portfolio as well as plenty of other games to Casumo’s offering. This is another big expansion for Playtech, especially with their live dealer tables. However, it’s also great news for Casumo Casino and shows they are expanding as well.

Playtech Expands With Casumo Casino Partnership

We see business deals happen for content distribution all the time. These agreements come in all different ways, but some of them stand out for various reasons. This is the case with a recent deal seen between Playtech and Casumo Casino.

This deal is special for a few reasons. However, the centerpiece for most players will be the larger availability of the high-end live dealer games produced by Playtech.

This is the kind of news that gets all kinds of different players excited for a variety of reasons. If you’re the type of player who likes any kind of casino games, then there’s something to be happy about.

That is all on top of how fascinating the business side of things are. Big companies with a long history in the industry know how to keep themselves on top. That’s what we’re seeing with this content distribution agreement. However, there’s a bit more to it simply because of the gravity of what all is involved.

Which Games Are Included?

If you’re already a player at one of the casinos that will benefit from this deal, here’s the deal. The complete selection of available games from Playtech will be added. Two groups of games are of particular note for most players most of the time.

The first group is the set of live dealer games. This is something relatively recent that Playtech has gotten into. However, the quality of their offering is up there with the best that the industry has to offer. On top of that, they have several variations of the more popular games. This keeps them from seeming like carbon copies of what’s already available.

The second game group of particular note is the progressive jackpot slots. These online slots include jackpots that guarantee payouts as high as €1 million when players hit them. They’ve made tons of players into millionaires over the years. That just goes to show that they know how to make big winners. These games coming to Casumo gives players there more ways to take home life-changing sums of money.

Expansion Beyond Casumo Casino

Something really cool about this deal is that it doesn’t just include Casumo Casino. Instead, it includes other casinos they operate as well. In particular, Kazoom, Casino Secret and Dunder will receive Playtech’s titles in the first part of 2021. Not only will the slots and other regular titles be available, but they’ll also offer up the live dealer selection as well.

This is great news because that means that players will have more options to get these games. Especially for the live dealer tables, having that level of expansion is important for players. With more ways to get in on the action, that’s more ways to enjoy what Playtech has to offer.

Playtech Moving Forward

Playtech had some time years ago where many thought they would no longer be competitive in the casino space. They had expanded into several other parts of the larger online gambling industry. As a result, it looked as if they were spread a bit then. However, this was all a part of a larger overall strategy.

With their push toward more progressive jackpots, they took over more of the slots market. As their live dealer offering opened and expanded, they picked up market share there as well. In everything they’ve done, they’ve exceeded expectations to say the least.

Their expansion here with Casumo is another example of this same idea. They’re expanding in various ways, and it’s going really well for them. However, we’re sure that there’s more to come, and we won’t be surprised to see even more news of them expanding into more areas by the end of the year.


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