Condor Gaming Adds Playson Portfolio to Platform

Condor Gaming Adds Playson Portfolio to Platform ( Click to Enlarge )

A new distribution deal will see games from veteran developer Playson added to the Condor Gaming platform. This platform includes some pretty big names in the industry, but it will also include some of the most popular games available in online casinos today, giving players more opportunities to enjoy them.

Playson Expands Their Reach Once Again

In the online casino industry, especially on the slots side of things, distribution is one of the most important topics going right now. Partially because of regulatory obligations and partially because of the structure of the software sector, distribution deals with new platforms is one of the key ways that a software company can expand.

Playson has put together a new deal with Condor Gaming that will see their full selection of online slots on the latter’s platform.

The details of this deal tell us a few things, one of which is that Condor Gaming is getting a ton of fresh new content. However, it also shows that Playson is really serious about expanding their reach and getting more and more deals with platforms like the one offered by Condor. This is a big win for players because it means an increased level of accessibility to their games.

What’s Included in This Deal

Sometimes when you see a software deal like this one, only a limited number of titles are included. However, that’s not the case here at all. Instead, every single one of Playson’s games will be made available for use at the sites powered by Condor Gaming.

This includes big names like Book of Gold: Double Chance, Rise of Egypt and the entire selection from the Funky Fruit series. It also includes names like Solar Queen and the Timeless Fruit selection.

To say that players are getting a real treat out of this deal is a major understatement.

Extending Their European Reach

On the regulatory side, it’s not always the easiest to get games into different countries without deals like this one. What’s really cool about Playson’s involvement here is that Condor has sites that operate in a number of key regulated European markets, and that includes both Finland and Germany.

These markets are very tight and restrictive when it comes to who they allow to do business there under their respective regulatory setups. For Playson to get their foot in the door along these lines by having their games available from an operator that’s already running there is a pretty big step forward for their overall European reach.

Everybody Wins

What we really like about deals like this, when they’re done well, is that everyone involved wins. This includes the software company Playson, the operator Condor Gaming and the players.

In fact, we would even go so far as to say that the players are the ones who win the most, especially in jurisdictions where they may not have had access to these games at all within the legal means.

One of the aspects of the overly regulated structure that we see now where each country has their own segregated market is that the players lose access to a lot of games unless those companies figure out how to get a foothold in that particular market. This is the case for Playson now, but there are a lot of great content providers that are not able to offer games in places like Germany or Finland (and many others) for these reasons.

What to Expect Next

What players can expect next is that Playson will keep pushing to get a hold on more of the European regulated markets. That part isn’t going to change. However, you may or may not see Condor Gaming expanding as much to other software companies because it’s a more difficult thing to do since those games have to meet regulations in each individual market where they do business. It’s an asymmetrical situation, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

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