CSO of BtoBet Addresses Artificial Intelligence in Sofia

CSO of BtoBet Addresses Artificial Intelligence in Sofia ( Click to Enlarge )

Kostandina Zafirovska, CSO of BtoBet travelled to Sofia to attend the Eastern European Gaming Summit. This summit place in late November. The conference was mainly addressing the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in online gaming. Of importance in her speech was how AI can be used in player reactivation and retention.

What Players Can Expect

The summit marked the start of the implementation of AI in the iGaming industry. On the part of player retention, casinos will always aim to assist players to get games and additional products without moving too far from their familiar parts of a website or app. AI will enable them to better target products and features to the player’s preferences.

According to previous activity on the casino, the AI robots working in the background will be able to predict with a high degree of accuracy the products a player might be looking for.

Also, the AI will come in handy to assist in reactivating players that may have left a casino, due to one reason or another. This means that the robots can register things players did not like on the casino, and invite them back when these aspects are corrected.

The invitations can be in form of emails, ads within a browser, or other direct promotions. In some instances, the robots can collect data and compile a report that the casino management can read, and implement recommendations. Since this process is a continuous exercise, the AI will continuously advise a casino on areas that need improvement holistically. Also, a casino can do evaluation using simulations provided by the AI service.

Understanding AI

While this concept has been around for quite a long time, most casinos still have not understood how to implement it, or make best use of the information. This is an aspect that was deliberated on during the Summit and a resolution was made to increase user know how to the casinos.

AI over the years has proven to be a very important tool in user retention and reactivation in other industries. While this may be common knowledge, casinos still have not figured out how to leverage it properly. One of the ways that casinos can implement this technology to their advantage is by intertwining the technology and use of social media platforms. This means that players might see relevant ads, generated by AI on their platforms, perhaps informing them of new games they might like, and so on.

Boost For Online Operators

This technology comes at a time when competition amongst online gaming platforms is at an all-time high. It comes as a relief for those online operators that are still unsure about their next step in the markets. With proper consultations with AI professionals at BtoBet, it will be possible to scale higher in the betting world, and increase on market share as well. This is an opportunity every casino will be looking to develop.

More About BtoBet

BtoBet is a renowned multinational company with experience of over 20 years in developing online gaming solutions. This vast experience makes BtoBet a notable market player that understands the industry and is keen on changing trends in technology.

BtoBet understands the roles of disruptive technologies such as AI in the gaming world and is willing to assist online platforms to make the most out of this technology. Sports Betting and iGaming are currently some of the areas this technology giant is keenly working on.