Dutch Operator FairPlay Adds Oryx Gaming Content Distribution Deal

Dutch Operator FairPlay Adds Oryx Gaming Content Distribution Deal ( Click to Enlarge )

A new deal on the books has Oryx Gaming getting an even larger piece of the Dutch market. This time, it’s through a new distribution deal for their games thanks to FairPlay, a serious operator in the regulated Dutch market.

FairPlay and Oryx Gaming Come to an Agreement

One of the things about the regulated markets in Europe is that companies need strategies to get into and expand inside of each individual jurisdiction. Oryx Gaming is no exception, but they’ve known that they definitely know how to get their titles in front of players once again.

Dutch operator FairPlay has announced a deal that will see them offering Oryx Gaming titles.

However, this isn’t a run of the mill agreement. The history involved in this situation goes back decades. What’s more is that this is not Oryx Gaming’s first time in the Netherlands. As such, this is more of an expansion effort than a situation of “getting their foot in the door.”

As always in these types of business deals, a lot is going on for both sides. Additionally, we have the issue of how this affects players, which is always our primary concern.

FairPlay’s History in the Netherlands

FairPlay is a gambling operator that has been going in the Netherlands for a long time. They have more than 35 years of operating slot machine sites, full-on land-based casinos and more. As it stands, they are one of the most respected brands in the larger gambling industry in that particular market.

Moreover, they entered the online side of things just last year. That’s because the Dutch market was finally regulated in 2021, a bit behind much of the rest of Europe. In any case, it shows that they don’t have any regulatory baggage of previously operating in legal gray areas like some of their competition.

At the moment, they have been making a limited set of distribution agreements to beef up their content offering. However, they have definitely been focusing on quality over quantity. As such, we can see how the titles available from Oryx Gaming were so tempting.

Oryx Gaming’s Expansion Continues to Grow

As a part of the Bragg Gaming Group, Oryx Gaming has been really pushing on the distribution side in recent history. They have games from a number of partners through their RGS system. However, they also have titles built in-house, which gives them a great mix of games that aren’t always available on other platforms. The exclusive nature of many of these top-tier titles, particularly online slots, gives them a serious edge.

It’s this edge and many of their other advantages that have helped them to get so much more distribution in the past couple of years. Since the Dutch regulated market is fairly new and hasn’t been given a chance to mature just yet, it’s no surprise that they have pushed hard in that particular jurisdiction. As we mentioned above, they already had their games there. However, given the opportunity to expand, it makes completely sense to take over as much as they can.

With that said, the Netherlands are not the only jurisdiction where Oryx has been pushing so hard. They’ve made a variety of other distribution agreements in other markets as well. This is a part of a big overall strategy to continue to expand.

What Does This Mean for Players?

If you’re a Dutch player in that market, it’s excellent news. This gives you more of a direct opportunity to enjoy some really high-level games. Additionally, it puts the pressure on other online casino operators in that market to bring in more great titles.

However, if you aren’t from that particular area, it still helps you out. That’s because anything that increases the level of competition is good for players. For one, it drives up expectations of what software providers should be doing. It also puts operators in a position where they need to have better selections of titles to compete for players.


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