EGT Interactive Launch 27 Wins

EGT Interactive Launch 27 Wins ( Click to Enlarge )

The online game provider, EGT Interactive, is set to release a new online slot title. The game is called 27 Wins and does exactly what it says on the tin: allows players the chance to win in 27 different ways. The launch will give the classic fruit slot game a refreshed look, with 3-reel and new cards, such as Wild and Scatter, which all provide players with various wins.

27 Wins Launch Date

So when is the game set to launch? Thursday 28th February 2019 was the official launch date set by EGT Interactive, which means players all over the world are now preparing themselves for huge jackpot wins.

Slots are the most-played online casino game the internet has to offer, beating table games by miles. The reason for this is widely due to the enormous variety found online and the simplicity of the game. Slot games allow players to sit back and relax, which is why 27 Wins is set to be popular upon its release on the 28th.

11 Card Slot

27 Wins has 11 cards. As mentioned earlier, one of the newer cards is ‘Scatter’, which, when appearing anywhere on the screen, will trigger an automatic Mystery Win.

The Mystery Win also includes the title ‘Mystery Jackpot’, which gives players even more ways and amounts to win. With a single press of a button, users everywhere could be in with the chance to win huge amounts.

EGT Interactive is known for releasing games with various features, including line counts, bet levels and bonuses, to name a few. The company strives for better wins for all its players, which is why every release is exciting and gives those classic casino games a revitalised feel. 27 Wins is available on both desktop and mobile devices, letting users play on the go, no matter where they are.