Enter The ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’

Enter The ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ ( Click to Enlarge )

Not content with releasing their new ‘Tales of Dr Dolittle’ slot at the end of April 2019, Quickspin are ready to hit online casino fans with more. Their latest slot game is called ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ and will be available to play as from May 14th 2019. As with all Quickspin slots, it looks like it will be another popular title with immersive gameplay and amazing bonus games included.

Promises Of Treasure

As with all Quickspin titles, there is a rich storyline to enjoy when you play this video slot.

Set inside a huge mountain in the vast Northern Lands, you enter as a player to find the treasure inside. To get it though, you have to get past the King of the Trolls who lives there and lures you in with promises of great riches. Will he keep his word and give you access to it all?

Inspired by the famous piece of music by Edward Grieg ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King‘, this is one game that offers lots of thrills and spills.

As you progress, the gameplay gets more intense and the in-game music ramps up to keep pace with this. With stunning animation and superb graphics to go with the incredible sound FX, this is another big release from Quickspin.

What Bonus Games Are There?

All players love bonus games as they give extra ways to win money. Luckily, it seems that there are quite a few in this new game, according to details released from Quickspin themselves.

To start with, there is a Free Spin bonus which is triggered when you hit three Scatter Symbols. This bonus game consists of three stages where the Troll King uses his huge hammer to break in-game blocks and trigger Free Spin prizes.

There is also a Multiplier Meter bonus game where every time you win from spinning the reels, it is multiplied by the value shown on the in-game multiplier meter. Lucky players may also hit Stacked Wilds that combine with the Multiplier Meter for massive wins.

Get Ready To Have Some Fun

If you love playing slots at online casinos, you will love this new title from Quickspin.

To make sure you are ready for its release, why not look at our review of the top online casino sites to see which are best to play at? This will not only help you find a casino that carries Quickspin games but also sign-up with one that gives out the best bonuses to use when playing.