Evolution Gaming Enters the Swiss Market in an Atypical Way

Evolution Gaming Enters the Swiss Market in an Atypical Way ( Click to Enlarge )

We usually have a pretty good idea of how a software provider enters a new market, but those preconceptions have been blown out of the water with Evolution Gaming’s new Swiss presence because it doesn’t actually center around the online sector of the overall industry.

Evolution Gaming Grows in Switzerland

In the online casino industry, and the online gambling industry as a whole, the regulatory setup where everything is separate between different countries creates a situation where it’s a pretty big deal when a software provider enters a new market. That’s the case with Evolution Gaming’s entry into Switzerland for the first time, but they aren’t doing it in the way that most do.

In an interesting and unexpected turn of events, Evolution Gaming’s first presence in the Swiss market is actually through a land-based company.

This is exciting for a number of reasons, but it also goes to show that nothing stays the same in the online sector of the industry. It also shows that the innovation shown in the online end of the gambling world has been outpacing the respective land-based side for quite some time, and as a result, we’re likely to see even more of this type of crossover in 2020 and beyond.

Details on This New Deal

The deal Evolution Gaming has made is with Group Partouche, one of the biggest casino operators in Switzerland. This deal will have several of their live casino games made available at terminals in their land-based facilities.

In essence, this is a crossover between the land-based and online sides of things, and it’s a very interesting move overall.

This selection of games will include their poker styles, roulette and Baccarat tables on top of their more unique offerings like Lightning Roulette.

All of the details of this deal haven’t been made public yet, but one thing we do know is that this is an important stepping stone for Evolution Gaming in the Swiss market.

Business Strategy

Something that’s easy to miss about this move into the Swiss market is that it helps Evolution Gaming in the long run in a few different ways, and each of these ways are critical components of what will be the foundation of their future success:

  1. Immediate profit from the deal itself
  2. Getting their foot into the door of the Swiss market
  3. Normalizing the presence of their games in land-based venues

First off, we have the profit that they’re going to get from this deal right away. The operations ran by Group Partouche are a big deal, and they essentially go for trying to create a Las Vegas-level experience for players. As a result, they draw in a lot of people, and that means some serious revenue coming in from the games at the terminals that are a part of this agreement.

Second, we have the idea of them getting into the somewhat newly regulated market in Switzerland. The particulars of the regulatory side are a whole different discussion, but the point is that they now have a smoother path toward making deals with other Swiss operators, and that means compounding profits in the future.

Finally, we have the fact that they are normalizing more and more the idea that their games work well in the live setting. This can seem someone ironic because they have live dealer games played through a video terminal in a live setting, but there have been a few previous deals somewhat like this one before, and they have all been successful.

What to Expect Next

In 2020, Evolution Gaming has promised to push even harder than before to get into more regulated markets and to expand their offering to different types of experiences for players. With this deal that has gotten them into Switzerland, we can see these aspects of their strategy playing out already, and we’re just a month into the year.