Evolution Gaming Officially Joins Pennsylvania Regulated Market

Evolution Gaming Officially Joins Pennsylvania Regulated Market ( Click to Enlarge )

Top live dealer casino game provider Evolution Gaming has officially joined the regulated online casino market in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the most recent state of the United States to regulate the online casino industry, and its particularly large population is a great place for Evolution Gaming to expand their offering in the US.

Pennsylvania Newest Destination for Evolution Gaming

The status of online gambling regulations in the United States is constantly in flux because of the interplay between state and federal laws. Because of this interplay, the individual states have to regulate the industry within their own borders at this time.

Pennsylvania regulated the industry officially earlier this year, and Evolution Gaming has taken advantage by entering their market.

What’s happening right now in Pennsylvania is really important for the future of the online gambling industry in the United States in general but for online casino play in particular. Having a company with the reputation and quality of service as live dealer game provider Evolution Gaming adds legitimacy and seriousness to the market both from a business standpoint and from a regulatory standpoint.

While this is great news for players, there’s a bit more than meets the eye when it comes to the significance of this news.

Details on the Licensing

The license that Evolution Gaming acquired is called an Interactive Gaming Manufacturer License from the PGCB, or Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. What this does is it allows Evolution Gaming to offer their live dealer casino games to operators in the state.

It’s also looking like they’re planning to produce these games from within the state with a new live studio as well.

Because live dealer games require more resources to keep going than traditional table games, there’s a bit more going on with this licensing news than what you might see with other similar situations. They require more resources because there are actual human beings running the games, and the audio and video feeds take up a lot of bandwidth and other resources.

However, with them indicating that they’re looking to open a studio in the state, things are made a little more complicated in terms of how that’s going to work within that newly regulated market. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how things unfold in that regard.

Holding Down the Live Dealer Market

There’s a certain market for live dealer casino games in the online casino industry, and that’s because a large portion of the people who play online do so because they prefer playing in a land-based capacity but can’t right that moment for whatever reasons.

While there are people who have never played in a brick and mortar casino who prefer live dealer casino games, all data on the subject indicates that they’re a minority.

At this point, the live dealer sector is largely controlled by Evolution Gaming. They are the biggest name, and they have been the biggest name for a very long time. They beat out the competition the way they do because they have more games and a higher level of quality in the titles they offer.

While it is a sort of niche offering, the stakes are much higher on average than what you see in the standard online table games like blackjack, roulette and especially Baccarat, which makes them important to operators, especially somewhere like Pennsylvania where the online market is just getting started.

What Could Be Coming in the Future

Something that’s clear from this news is that Evolution Gaming is really serious about the American market. They want to get their foot in the door wherever the online casino side of things is regulated in the US, at least so far.

If a state with a much smaller population was to open up licensing along these lines, we aren’t sure if they would be so aggressive with it or how things would change, but for now, we know exactly what to expect from them as licenses are given in states with a lot of players.

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