Evolution Gaming Signs Deal for Land-based Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming Signs Deal for Land-based Lightning Roulette ( Click to Enlarge )

Evolution Gaming has signed a new deal with Scientific Games to offer a land-based version of Lightning Roulette. This is one of the most unique live dealer games out there, so it makes sense it has been chosen for this. It’s expected to be in land-based casinos by 2022.

Lightning Roulette Land-based Deal Signed

In the gambling world, we sometimes see interplay between the two major markets. By two major markets, we mean the split between the online and land-based arenas. However, live dealer games blur those lines a bit, which is the basis of a recent deal for Evolution Gaming.

They have signed a deal with Scientific Games to have their Lightning Roulette game made available in land-based casinos.

Brick and mortar casinos are a good host for this type of game for a variety of reasons. What’s really interesting about this deal, however, is the historical precedent. The impact it could have on the relationship between live dealer games and their brick and mortar counterparts is also critical, and it could be the one deal we look back on years from now as what started a major change in the larger industry as a whole.

What’s Included in This Deal

The basic idea is as follows. Scientific Games produces and distributes land-based casino games. Evolution Gaming has signed a deal with them that allows them to offer Lightning Roulette in this way. The whole idea is that its design really lends itself to the land-based environment. As a result, it’ll be the first of their original games to have a brick and mortar version.

What’s interesting is that they’ve had related deals before. Both Dual Play Roulette and some of their Baccarat games are actual tables that happen in land-based casinos. However, those locations are primarily just used as sets to host the games online. That’s in spite of the fact that people can walk up and play them in person as well.

The History Between These Two Companies

There’s a bit of history between Evolution Gaming and Scientific Games. They’ve really had a relationship for quite a while. Specifically, the former’s live dealer games are used on the latter’s online platform. Additionally, Evolution Gaming has created live dealer versions of some of Scientific Games’ titles like Ultimate Texas Hold’em. There’s also a sublicensing situation that allows for the Monopoly Live game from Evolution Gaming as well.

This history goes back far enough that the two of them have several agreements together. For this to be the company that makes the deal for the first live dealer to land-based agreement is hardly surprising as a result, and we think that it’s great news for players that such a relationship already exists. That means you can look at their previous work together, which has been amazing, to get an idea on quality.

When This Game is Expected

What’s really important to point out is that all that’s been done on this so far is the initial agreement. No actual production of the game has started, and that takes quite a while to get set up. As a result, they’re expecting to have the game actually ready and running in brick and mortar casinos in 2022.

That’s not really that long considering we’re already in the middle of 2021. Looking at around a year of turnaround time on a project this large is pretty reasonable.

Why Lightning Roulette?

If you aren’t a fan of roulette, or if you have never played this particular game, you may wonder why Lightning Roulette was chosen to be the game for this historic deal. The answer is really straightforward: It’s an exceptional title.

The basic idea is that the straight-up wagers, bets on a single number, are changed a bit. They have a random chance to be struck by lightning, so to speak. What this does is that it changes the payout to a randomly chosen value. Some of these wins can be truly huge, and there can be several of them chosen on the same spin.

That creates a tremendous degree of excitement that players can definitely get into.


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