Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette Wins AGA Gaming Product of the Year

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette Wins AGA Gaming Product of the Year ( Click to Enlarge )

Earlier this month, the American Gambling Awards held their annual awards show. Evolution Gaming did particularly well, and in that, they picked up the award for the Gaming Product of the Year. This was given for their Lightning Roulette title.

Lightning Roulette Gets Product of the Year Honors From the AGA

The American Gambling Awards are generally recognized as one of the most important gaming awards ceremonies in the United States. A variety of different types of gambling are recognized. Additionally, the best in each category are highlighted to show the elite of what’s happening in the industry.

Evolution Gaming has a history of doing really well at awards ceremonies like this one. Subsequently, it’s not surprising when they pick up important awards.

Accordingly, we can’t say it was surprising when they won the Gaming Product of the Year award. However, some of the details on how this happened are somewhat surprising and are interesting in and of themselves. A lot is changing in the online casino world, and it shows in who and what win these awards. They reflect what’s voted on as the best of the best in the industry. As such, they are an excellent indicator of where things as a whole are at and where they are heading.

Why Did Lighting Roulette Win This Award?

The first thing to understand is that roulette isn’t generally considered a groundbreaking title. In fact, it’s one of the longest-running casino games not played with cards or dice. Many other wheel-based games have been attempted. However, the roulette genre has held its position for a long time.

For a roulette variation to be recognized as the Gaming Product of the Year means that some serious innovation happened. With Lightning Roulette, innovation is most definitely served in a major way.

The main issue with roulette games is that they are often seen as boring from players. Many of those players are more accustomed to opportunities for massive jackpots and prizes from titles like video slots. Evolution handled this appropriately by adding in opportunities to win all kinds of larger payouts. Additionally, they set it up so that the presentation is top-tier and ties perfectly into the extra ways to win.

Evolution Gaming’s Presence in the United States

Over the past several years, the online gambling situation in the United States has been in turmoil. The relationships between the state and federal government means that it’s not always been clear who should control the industry. Nevertheless, more states each year have been regulating gambling online. As a result, you have innovators like Evolution that have come in to serve those players. In fact, Evolution Gaming has the strongest foothold of any live dealer games provider in the USA.

However, that’s not particularly surprising. This is a company that has a reputation going back for years of being particularly aggressive with expanding their business. With that said, they’ve been super careful not to push hard into unregulated markets for quite a while now. As such, when an emerging market becomes an opportunity, they’re frequently given great treatment. Much of this comes from the fact that they were not operating in a legal gray area in that market previously.

For better or worse, we’ve seen this be an issue for some companies seeking a license in the past. However, by dodging the entire issue in this way, they’re able to get an early foothold in areas where many of their competitors cannot.

The Future for Evolution Gaming in the United States

Winning Gaming Product of the Year for the American Gambling Awards shows us a few things. First, it shows that Evolution Gaming’s titles in the USA are doing really well. Their popularity is high with both the players and operators for sure.

Additionally, it makes us wonder what they have in store next. They aren’t a company that tends to rest on its laurels. This means they probably already know their next moves in the US market. This includes potential game releases, which makes us excited for the future.


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