Evoplay Entertainment Launches Virtual Reality Slot Sprinkle

Evoplay Entertainment Launches Virtual Reality Slot Sprinkle ( Click to Enlarge )

One of the frontiers of the online casino industry for a while has been virtual reality. It has been implemented partially here and there, but Evoplay Entertainment has announced an online slot named Sprinkle that gives a full VR experience with players recommended to use a virtual reality headset while they play to get the full experience.

Spring Into Another World

Evoplay Entertainment knows how to keep players on their toes, and they’ve done that consistently with their new releases for quite some time. Their most recent announcement about a new title, however, stands out from the rest for a major reason.

This new online slot is a fully immersed virtual reality experience just waiting for the player to sign on.

This is the Sprinkle online slot, and Evoplay has put it together based on a virtual reality platform that has players wear a VR headset when they sit down to play so that they can experience the game as it was meant to be played.

As you can probably guess, this is a major step forward for the online slots industry and for Evoplay in particular, and it rides a trend that’s been trying to really get started up for a few years.

What Sprinkle Brings to the Table

The obvious thing about the Sprinkle video slot is that you can use a virtual reality headset setup to look around and see objects that interact as a part of the game universe. However, that’s not all that this title has to offer, and it can be played like normal in your web browser if you do not have a headset or wish to take part in the VR experience.

This 20-payline video slot offers a variance in the low to medium range. This helps to add to the relaxing atmosphere that it offers to give you a smooth ride with few big swings.

On top of that, players will have options to pick up free spins with sticky firefly symbols while players also have the ability to trigger re-spin features for sticky symbols as well. These stickies help you to accumulate symbols for bigger payouts (and more payouts on a given spin), which in turn also helps to keep the volatility low and the payouts high.

Why the Virtual Reality Slot Revolution is Important

For quite some time, different online casino software companies have been trying to take a major step in the direction of VR. Unfortunately, a majority of this has been for little gain outside of some nominal titles that offer different visual effects compared to what you would normally see.

Instead, and what players really want, there is a demand for a fully immersed VR experience where players can interact with a game using the virtual reality headset and controllers, and that’s something we’ve yet to see. One of the problems with it is that there would be a lot of costs for the software company to develop such a game while only a small minority of interested players already have the VR equipment.

On top of that, most slot fans aren’t going to go dish out a non-trivial amount of money for a virtual reality setup just to play online slots when they can enjoy thousands of high-quality titles from a variety of software companies without having to do so. This leaves companies like Evoplay Entertainment trying to bridge the gap with games that can be played with or without the VR equipment.

Moving Forward

For now, what players can expect is a continued push towards innovation for Evoplay entertainment. At this past year’s EGR B2B awards, which are generally recognized as one of the most important awards ceremonies in the industry, they were on the list for the best Innovation in Mobile, and it goes to show that they are very serious about pushing the industry along in any way they feasibly can.