Exclusive New Slot At Leo Vegas – Avatars: Gateway Guardians

Exclusive New Slot At Leo Vegas – Avatars: Gateway Guardians ( Click to Enlarge )

Leo Vegas has added a new slot to its collection, and it’s exclusive to them. Some players like to play slots that are hosted exclusively by individual casinos, if you’re one of these then you may want to check out the Avatars: Gateway Guardians slot.
The slot was added around mid-November 2019 and has already received a fair amount of praise due to its unique bonus features. The slot was developed by Yggdrasil, a company that you may have already heard of if you’re an avid slot player, but it is only available to play at Leo Vegas currently.

What’s It About?

As with most online slots, Gateway Guardians is a themed game.

The Avatar slot is probably best described as an Aztec themed mythical game. The slot is very different from what most players will be used to, however.

The game is set on a circular stone, with eight reels and pay lines. Symbols appear on the stone to form combinations, and players must form images on the main stone to hit a winning combination.

This means aligning three parts of a winning symbol in a segment of the circular stone. The biggest wins come from the goddess symbols which are categorised in four different colours.


Many slot players like a slot that awards free spins. The free spins feature on the Gateway Guardians slot is fairly unique as it includes a feature referred to as “hot spots”.

Players are initially awarded 10 free spins when three “free spin” symbols are displayed on the reels.

In addition to this, certain areas of the circular stone will be highlighted, these are known as hotspots. The aim is to land complete pictures formed from symbols in these hot spot areas as this triggers a multiplier wheel.

Players can win up to 101x their bet with the multiplier wheel, which means there is the opportunity to win big.

Hot spots can also appear on the reels throughout normal gameplay and aren’t only associated with the bonus game.

However, the biggest wins from multipliers are more likely to occur during free spins. More hot spot areas are added on the reels if there are more than three “free spins” symbols displayed.