Expansion Seen Again From Yggdrasil Gaming With Betpoint Group

Expansion Seen Again From Yggdrasil Gaming With Betpoint Group ( Click to Enlarge )

Yggdrasil Gaming has expanded their scope once again by signing a distribution deal that will have their games offered by sites operated by Betpoint Group. This includes a number of popular names specifically in target markets that can be difficult to reach under normal circumstances.

Betpoint Group Adds Yggdrasil Gaming to Their Portfolio

Over the past 18-24 months, we’ve seen Yggdrasil Gaming make some serious moves to differentiate themselves from the other game developers and platform operators in the industry. They’ve made yet another move that expands their reach, and this time it’s with one of the biggest operators in some of the toughest markets to get into.

This new deal will have all of Yggdrasil Gaming’s portfolio available at four online casinos operated by BetPoint Group.

That they have made an agreement with a casino operator in the general sense isn’t really what’s so exciting about this news. Instead, it’s who that operator is and which countries they operate in along with how this fits into Yggdrasil’s overall strategy that’s so interesting and noteworthy. It’s also worth noting that their adherence to a strategy they set out to work with a couple of years ago is impressive as well.

What’s Covered in This New Deal

As a part of this deal, Betpoint’s properties will be getting full access to Yggdrasil Gaming’s complete portfolio of titles. That’s a lot of high-quality games, and it’s definitely a ton of content that’s very notable for them to receive. Their brands can only really gain from this, but there’s more to the story.

Yggdrasil Gaming is getting a whole lot from this deal as well. On the most basic level, they’re getting their games in more casinos, which means more players will play them on average. However, it goes a bit deeper than that, which is something we don’t always see with distribution deals like this one.

Why This Deal is Special

There are three particularly important markets where Betpoint Group’s casinos have a good amount of success. Those include the Nordic, Japanese and German regulated markets. These are notoriously difficult markets to get into in the general sense, and for Yggdrasil Gaming to effectively knock out a foothold in all three in one deal is nothing short of amazing.

With the current regulatory environment, each individual country has its own regulations and approach to handling licensing. This can make it tricky to get access to players within one of these markets by the typical avenues of getting licenses since they only give out a limited number. Instead, a more strategic approach is to use business deals like this one to get your foot in the door and then see what the prospects are like for expansion.

Players Really Win Big

The party that wins the most in this deal, despite how great of a situation this is for Yggdrasil Gaming, is probably the players. People in those markets in particular, and other markets where Betpoint’s sites operate, will be able to access hundreds of new, high-quality games as a result of this distribution deal.

There are a lot of software companies out there and a ton of online casinos, but that doesn’t mean that the quality is always there. While Betpoint Group’s casinos are up there in terms of what they offer players and the quality of the overall experience, the addition of the full portfolio of games from Yggdrasil Gaming brings that up to a whole new level.

What Will Yggdrasil Do Next?

We honestly have no idea. They have surprised us with this one because of how many difficult markets it has gotten them into at all once. This is the kind of deal that established software companies dream of in the current state of regulation in the modern era of online slots. We expect that they will keep doing great things with their expansion strategy, but with this one, we’re not sure anything else could match it for quite a while.

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