Ezugi Enters Colombian Market for Live Dealer Games

Ezugi Enters Colombian Market for Live Dealer Games ( Click to Enlarge )

Live dealer online casino game provider Ezugi has made a big move in the South American market. This has happened after they received approval from the regulators in Colombia. They will have their initial foothold in the region as a result of this approval.

Colombian Market Gets Ezugi Live Dealer Studio

Live dealer casino games are a bit tricky when it comes to regulators. A big part of this is the fact that they have to often locate a studio specifically in a given jurisdiction. However, that hasn’t stopped Ezugi from pushing forward and expanding.

This time, they’ve gotten the go-ahead to operate in the South American country of Colombia.

This is a pretty big deal for a variety of reasons. However, one key element to this is that the games themselves will actually be produced there. An important part of getting all of this together was getting regulator approval for their studio. After they received this approval and approval to run their games, everything is wide open for the company now. That’s great news for Ezugi, and it’s great news for Colombian players who want access to awesome live dealer games.

What’s Included in This Deal

The idea here is that they can now offer live dealer games to the Colombian market. As a result, they needed a studio suited to that market. Now they have their studio with seven different tables available. These tables will have local Spanish-speaking dealers, which is important because of issues of dialect. This also adds jobs to the area.

The tables available will include Baccarat, roulette, blackjack and their special unlimited blackjack offering. At this time, we’re not sure how this affects the main Evolution Gaming offering, since they are actually the company that owns Ezugi after a buyout a while back.

Future Expansion

What’s really cool about this deal is that it’s not really going to end at seven tables. That’s only going to be their initial launch, and they have plans to expand before the end of the year. By the end of 2021, their goal is to double that number to get up to 14 total tables. This will include private tables as well. As a result, they’ll have options to customize the experience to specific needs of specific players.

Another key component of this deal is that they offer their games via mobile. Mobile online gambling is pretty big in Colombia, and that positions Ezugi perfectly to take advantage of the trends that are already in place there. We love that players will have even more to play by the end of the year as they complete their expansion. Additionally, we suspect that this expansion won’t end there, but there is no official word on that so far.

How the Players Win

There’s no doubting that Ezugi is winning big with this deal. They’ve gotten their games in front of more players, which is always the goal for them. However, they’re not the only party here who benefits by far.

Operators in Colombia also win big. This gives them opportunities to hit players with particularly high-quality live dealer games. An increased selection of available high-quality game providers to work with is always good for operators.

Ultimately, however, we think it’s the players who win the most with this deal. Colombian online casino fans don’t have a ton of options, especially for high-end games. The most popular providers in the world aren’t always available as widely in South America as they are in some other parts of the world.

That’s why we’re really excited that players are getting access to these titles. For many, it’ll be the only live dealer options they will have ever played with. Because the games are of such a high quality, it’ll definitely be a good first impression. However, it may be the only impression they’re able to get of the live dealer environment for quite a while.