Fazi Interactive Joins CasinoEngine Platform by EveryMatrix

Fazi Interactive Joins CasinoEngine Platform by EveryMatrix ( Click to Enlarge )

EveryMatrix has added the full portfolio of titles available from Fazi Interactive to their CasinoEngine software platform thanks to a recent deal. This gives them even more high-end content to join the thousands of top games that are already available through their software offering, which is used at several of the top online casinos in the world.

EveryMatrix Adds Fazi Interactive Game Portfolio

EveryMatrix is known for two things in the online casino world. First, they’re known for having one of the most popular software platforms out there under the name of CasinoEngine. Second, they’re known for running a number of popular casino sites themselves.

EveryMatrix has added to their offering in a major way with a new deal with Fazi Interactive that sees the latter’s entire portfolio show up on the CasinoEngine software platform.

The significance of this deal comes down to EveryMatrix continuing to push the envelope to sign high-end producers of online casino content, but it’s also very relevant that Fazi is getting their games in front of tons of players who haven’t seen what they have available before. The end result is that this is a massive win for everyone involved: Fazi Interactive, EveryMatrix and the players.

What Players Can Expect From This Deal

When there are big content distribution deals like this made, sometimes it’s only for a certain selection of games or for a certain part of the portfolio. That can mean that players want to know exactly what’s going to be involved in a deal before they get too excited.

In the case of this deal with Fazi and EveryMatrix, here’s what you can expect:

  • The full portfolio of about 35 games will be made available from Fazi Interactive on the CasinoEngine platform.
  • New releases will also be made available on this platform as they come out in the future.
  • All of these releases are in HTML5.
  • No exclusivity issues have been announced where certain titles would only be available at certain online casinos through this software.

The bottom line is that it’s about the best that players could hope for with a deal like this one because there aren’t any obstacles in the way to keep players from taking full advantage of the new distribution that Fazi has acquired.

The Importance of HTML5 Releases

As we mentioned above, all of the newly integrated games are produced in HTML5. What that means is that players will be able to more easily get in on the action with this selection on mobile and computers because the same version of the games can be played on virtually any system or device.

This makes it much superior of a platform compared to Flash, which has been on its way out (and been getting phased out) for several years. There are a number of other reasons why Flash is an inferior platform to HTML5 at this stage in the game as well, and that includes everything from security issues to performance issues.

The CasinoEngine Platform and EveryMatrix in 2019

The CasinoEngine platform was first launched in 2012, and it has been the main focal point of all of EveryMatrix’s software-side efforts. They have built it up to the point that it has more than 8,000 total titles available from almost all of the top names in the online casino business with a particular focus on slots.

If you’re looking for a site with an all-in-one solution and more high-quality games than you could ever hope to get to, then a casino that runs this software system is a good bet.

With so many titles available, it’s clear that EveryMatrix could rest on their laurels for a while if they wanted. However, this deal with Fazi Interactive shows that they are not interested in doing that. Instead, they are pushing forward hard and making sure that they keep up the momentum they have built over the past several years.