Fourth Mega Dream Drop Jackpot Winner Awarded by Relax Gaming

Fourth Mega Dream Drop Jackpot Winner Awarded by Relax Gaming ( Click to Enlarge )

The fourth hit for the Mega Jackpot portion of the Dream Drop Jackpot series has been awarded from Relax Gaming. This time, it came at Vavada Casino through the Dream Drop Diamonds slot. Additionally, the lucky winner was able to take down a payout in the low seven-figure range.

Dream Drop Diamonds Top Progressive Jackpot Awards €1.5 Million

In a big win coming from Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop Diamonds progressive slot, a lucky player has scored a life-changing jackpot. This jackpot weighs in at €1,457,820.74 in total, and it’s the fourth time the largest jackpot has been won that’s available from this provider.

However, you’ll find a lot more goes into this story than what we typically see with big jackpot winners.

Nonetheless, this is a big win that’s absolutely life-changing. What’s more is that it couldn’t have gotten this large just two payouts ago due to the nature of the Dream Drop Jackpots. However, we’ll get more into that down below. What’s important overall is to know that these wins are set up to happen more often than they normally would for the first several payouts for the top win in this jackpot series.

Details on This Payout Itself

The first thing to know is that this win happened at Vavada Casino. However, this is just one of the many sites that host titles from Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop set of progressive jackpots. Nonetheless, this win weighed in at just under €1.5 million, which puts it up there as a pretty sizable prize.

Something really amazing about this win is the bet size that was used to get it. Traditionally, many progressive slots would have high minimum bet sizes to qualify for the top prizes. However, you run into none of that with what Relax Gaming brings to the table. The fact that this big winner scored the top prize in their whole portfolio for a wager of just €0.33 per spin is absolutely staggering.

The Incremental Payouts of the Dream Drop Mega Jackpot

An interesting aspect to how this all works is that the Dream Drop Jackpots are set up on maximum increment levels. After every two wins of the top prize, the maximum value is increased by half a million. This guarantees that the jackpot it hit before it reaches those maximum levels.

The idea behind this increment is pretty straightforward. The maximum started at the one million level. Accordingly, this allows for a number of winners to be forced relatively early in history of the Dream Drop Jackpot series’ existence. However, with it increasing as much as it does each time, it also scales upward. This means the wins get further apart while becoming larger at the same time. Additionally, it gives time for players to become accustomed to the titles as well.

The maximum sizes for the Mega Jackpot will only go up to the 10 million level. Once it’s there, it appears that Relax Gaming is going to keep it there. This means we won’t see any record-breaking wins compared to some other progressives out there. However, it also keeps the jackpots somewhat more accessible. Additionally, we think most players would prefer more frequent wins along these lines. Because of that, we can’t imagine anyone being upset with that particular decision.

What Comes Next for Relax Gaming’s Big Jackpots

The Dream Drop Jackpots are going to continue to get larger and larger with each win. That’s because the maximum increases by half a million for each two wins, and we just saw the fourth. Additionally, this creates a situation where players can get very excited about new titles Relax Gaming releases that have these jackpot links available.

It’s also worth noting that the Major Jackpot increases in “must win” size every two wins as well. It’s the second-largest jackpot in the series and is also a progressive. However, the maxi, midi and rapid are all smaller jackpots that do not have “must win” levels.