Fugaso Airlines Slot Pays Out Already

Fugaso Airlines Slot Pays Out Already ( Click to Enlarge )

The Fugaso Airlines slot is a new offering from game developers Fugaso. It has already proved popular among slot fans because it is feature-packed and has a decent RTP at 96.2%. We’re sure the game will become even more popular, however, once gamers hear about the wins that players have made in just the first week of its release. So far, two lucky players have picked up a jackpot playing the aeroplane-themed slot.

3 Level Jackpot

The game offers three jackpots: a mini, midi and maxi. The first lucky player managed to walk away with £28,733 by winning the game’s mini jackpot.

The second player then bagged themselves £28,240 for winning the midi jackpot. Hearing this news might cause some players to think that the game will not pay-out again for a while, but this is not necessarily the case.

Jackpots are awarded at random and the maxi jackpot is still very much to play for. Plus, the jackpot is growing quickly with other players hoping to get in on the action, believing that the fortune of the winners might rub off on them.

Slot Details

The game itself is a 5 reel extravaganza with 3125 ways to win. It also has exciting features which make it enjoyable to play. These include win multipliers, respins and multiway pays.

The airline theme of the game is also incredibly fun. Many players, for instance, will enjoy the beautiful air hostesses who grace the screen.

The symbols, which include items you might expect to find on a flight, such as an air hostess trolley or luggage, are extremely fun.


As well as the jackpots, which can be won with just one lucky spin, the game also offers you the chance to really win big with multipliers.

To enter the multiplier mode you simply need to smash through all the blockers to open up the entire 5 x 5 reel. Once this is done the game goes into bonus mode.

During this, players are gifted blue or red energy balls based on the results of their spins. 5 blue balls increase the multiplier by 1 whilst bagging 5 red balls gives you an extra free spin. This game is incredibly fun and it certainly seems to be opening up lots of opportunities for big wins.