Gambling Commission To Tighten Age Restriction Process In UK

Gambling Commission To Tighten Age Restriction Process In UK ( Click to Enlarge )

Online gambling has never been bigger and the UK government are about to make it better. Thanks to online betting, gambling is no longer the preserve of the few. The internet has made the gambling industry accessible to all, and almost everyone in the UK now enjoys having a wager and trying their luck on everything from the spin of the roulette wheel to whether or not their favourite football team is going to win that all-important match.

Enjoying the thrill and tension of the casino without having to leave the house has an understandable appeal, as does the dizzying euphoria of that big win and seeing the financial rewards heading straight into your bank account.

Safer Online Gambling

Here’s the good news. Online gambling is not just getting bigger and better – with more games and markets for you to enjoy, and more bonuses and cash prizes for you to win, it’s getting safer too.

The UK’s Gambling Commission is working hard to make gambling online a lot more safe and fair for everyone.

Last year an investigation into the industry revealed that certain online operators were treating their customers unfairly when it came to withdrawing their winnings. Gamblers who were underage, yet still allowed to use online betting sites, found themselves in the unenviable position of winning big but unable to claim their prize.

The Gambling Commission is adamant about changing that and from May 7, 2019, new rules will be enforced requiring companies to quickly verify the age of their customers before allowing them to bet, and not simply before they collect their winnings.

Smooth Withdrawal Process

The Gambling Commission believes these changes will protect children and the vulnerable from any of the potential risks posed by gambling and it will also make the whole process of collecting your winnings smoother and a lot quicker.

These rules will require online betting sites to verify the date of birth, name and address of any customer who wishes to place a bet. They are also allowed to ask customers for any identification documents before they can make a deposit.

Online bookmakers will also be required to put precautions in place to ensure that any data they possess on their clients’ identities remains up-to-date and accurate.

Rules that create a safer online gambling environment in the UK are always welcome and it leaves us all free to concentrate on the most important thing – which bet to put our money on next!