Gambling In The USA: The US Gambling Industry Is Steadily On the Rise

Gambling In The USA: The US Gambling Industry Is Steadily On the Rise ( Click to Enlarge )

During the past few years, more and more states in the USA have opened virtual doors into casinos and sports betting. The gambling industry has snowballed, and players have gotten access to some of the best casino games and sports books in the online gaming world.

High Gaming Opportunities

It’s been a little over one year since the US Supreme court changed the sports betting bill.

US states were granted permission to decide whether they would like to change that law in their area or not.

Ever since then, several states took advantage of the opportunity and legalised sports betting. In 2018, 43 out of 50 states passed or at least considered passing the new legislation of sports betting.

The District of Columbia did so as well, and in 2019, five more states have already joined in and legalised sports betting.

Maine and New Hampshire are also among those that passed the bill to legalise sports betting. However, the respective leaders of those areas are yet to sign those laws into bills and make them effective.

While it’s clear that most states are in favour of the bill, some states have vehemently opposed it. These states are more worried about the social consequences gambling opportunities may present. Louisiana, for instance, has tried to legalise sports betting without success.

The Rise In Revenue

Since the legalisation of sports betting, there has been about $9 billion in wagers and more than $65 million of it was taken in tax.

Unfortunately, some of the states have taken advantage of that and implemented massive tax levels on the gambling operators. One of the primary reasons why the Supreme court decided to legalise sports betting was to eliminate illegal betting. However, most people are concerned that high taxes may lead gamblers back into the illegal gambling market.

An Unleashed Gambling Revolution

Sports bettors were super excited about the legalisation of the gambling market. In New York, Rivers Schenectady placed the first bet in a grand opening, followed by Tiger Woods at the debut of the FanDuel Sportsbook. Very soon, all states may legalise sports betting and casino gambling.